Luna’s Blog (Lan) Partyyyy!

Happy Saturday Novas! I’ve finaly been able to set up this blog party and invite all of you to mingle and network with other blogs! Since we have reached the milestone of 300+ followers, I figured that now is the time to celebrate our community! The theme of this blog party will be video games, so I’m calling it Luna’s Lan Party! A Lan party is where gamers come together in the same room and play video games, hook up systems, host tournaments, etc.  Thank you once again for stopping by and without further adieu, let the party begin!

Party Rules:

  • Have Fun!
  • Mingle with others
  • Mention a Game that you have brought to the party
  • Leave a Link to your blog for others to find!

Alright, let’s get this party started. party1

The game that I have brought is a classic, Mario Party! Mario Party is an awesome way to game with friends and have fun in the competitive nature that Nintendo has intended. Along with the Mario Party games, I have also brought a great board game, Twister!

The comments are open and everyone is invited! Make sure to share the blog party with others so that they can join in on the fun!


  1. *Taps sheepishly on the door holding a party size bag of twiglets and Mega Drive under the other arm*

    Hey hey! Am I early? I see you’ve already got some Mario Party going. I’ve bought along Micro Machines II with 8 player mode… So long as people don’t mind the always fun sharing a controller option 😁.

    I blog over at and generally ramble about all things gaming!

    1. Come on in and thank’s for stopping by! Sharing a controller is always fun, but even better is backseat gaming and looking over each other’s shoulder to tell you what you’re doing wrong lol. 🙂

  2. I guess I’ll bring Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor to the party, but it’s a single-player game… Okay, I guess I’ll bring a multi-player game too. I say we play the original Burnout, and crash some cars!

    I hail from, where I attempt to sound like I know what I’m talking about.

    1. Welcome! Burnout was a pretty fun game so I’m stoked! I haven’t played Shadow of Mordor but I’ve heard great reviews about it. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Uh, I’m terrible at parties… but here I am! I brought the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and I’m gonna show everyone how awesome it is, no matter what the internet says, haha 😀

    You can find me constantly rambling about stuff and Lightning Farron over at

    Thanks for being a great host 🙂

      1. I hardly call myself an expert, but when Lightning and I work together, amazing things can happen! 😀 You can definitely hover and watch. Just try not to laugh when Sazh’s Eidolon pwns me, haha.

  4. Hi there, I appear to be fashionably late to your party, long way to come from the UK though so that’s my excuse 🙂 I have brought Injustice 2 to the party, fighting games and DC Comics are (let’s be honest) a winning combination! My name is Bruce aka ArcaneHalloween, and I run: a DC Comics and geeky based site. Thanks for the invite Luna. 🙂

  5. *paces outside the front door, staring at her invitation* I knew I should have written this in my calendar…
    Am I late? I’m late, aren’t I?

    I come bearing Dragon Age: Origins simply in case no one has heard how much I love it, and then Dragon Age: Inquisition so we can all play in Thedas together (also I have an excuse to swear in elvish).

    Oh, and I’m from, where I analyze the stuffing (coding?) out of video games and try to make them relevant to things that happen in the physical world.

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