Doki Doki Crate Unboxing W/ Xsanie!

Happy Saturday Novas! Today’s unboxing post will be sponsored by my friend Stephanie (Xsanie). I spent last week with Steph in a different state and she received her Japanese goodies crate. A lightbulb popped in my head immediately and I asked her if we could feature the unboxing on the blog! She agreed and now, here we are!

This month’s theme was Back to School!


Stephanie loves the cutesy anime items, so she signs up for different subscription crates that ship internationally. The Doki Doki crates have cutesy items and collectibles that you can’t really find domestically.

Look, even the poster girl has one!

The Ball point pen was really cute and it pairs well with the Letter set and Notepad!

He’s realllly cute though!

The Totoro Cup she really loved (I have no idea who totoro is).

I tried to smuggle the owl home with me lol!

The plushie was really cute and her owl is white.

She received another Kakigori Hoppe Chan keychain. The funny part is that she broke the one on her phone the night before the crate arrived! Instant replacement. (I can’t find the picture that I took lol)


She also received this snack candy thing. It’s like Cheetos puffs, but they’re sweet and kind of weird. I didn’t like them because they were sweet but then had a fizzy taste, like soda. She loved it and so did everyone else who tried them lol.


It wouldn’t be an anime crate without a piece of clothing. This crate brought a cute ribbon that you can wear in your hair or on your clothes.

She was really happy with the items in her Doki Doki crate! Do you receive any international or uncommon subscription services? Let’s talk collectibles!

-Luna 🙂


    1. They’re so weird lol. I think if I keep trying them, eventually they would grow on me lol. Thank you for stopping by!

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