Late Night Thoughts: Writing Dilemmas!

Happy Wednesday Novas! Thank you for reading my discussion post at 3am in the morning! I have a dilemma and I would love to know your thoughts. I have prepped in advance posts that are scheduled to go up this week because I wanted to take a break from writing. I felt as if the quality of my posts were starting to decrease and feel rushed so I said that after Monday, I would take a break until Sunday. BUT NOW I HAVE ALL OF THESE IDEAS IN MY HEAD THAT I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT!!!! What should I do?


I think that taking a break is a great way to recharge and let your creativity reset. But what if it resets on it’s own before the time frame that you have slotted out? Should I continue taking the break or should I put pen to paper or words to laptop and let all of my ideas flow out? I think I’ve gotten in the habit of setting time aside each day to write something and now, I just feel like I should be writing. What woud you do?

Share your thoughts with me? What would you do? Should I continue the break or start back writing because the inspiration is there? What are some tips? Let’s talk, late night thoughts!

-Luna πŸ™‚



  1. If you feel the inspiration is there, then go for it – get those words down on paper!

    I keep a list of ideas for posts on my phone. Every now and again, I try to take a break from writing; but I add any thoughts for new articles into my list so they’re waiting for me when I’m ready to start again. That works for me. πŸ™‚

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  2. Take a break, write down when inspiration hits. Post those thoughts later again when your break is over. I only post when I have time or directly after I finnished a book, when the ideas are still fresh.

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  3. When I get in creative mode during a break, I always just write down rough notes somewhere so I can remember those “brilliant” ideas later, haha.

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