Last Week At GamersUnitedGG!

Happy Sunday Novas! Before we get into today’s post, I wanted to run something by you. My friend Mikey was asking me if I did a newsletter or if I were going to start sending out a newsletter for the blog. What do you think? Should we have a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter going out? My idea would be to promote the top posts by views and likes, shoutout a blog that everyone should check out and talk about any events on the blog (I’m working on a blogger’s challenge event and Gaming Challenge event now). If you think it’s a good idea or not, please vote using the poll below. I will make a decision in about a week or so.


Anyway, on to today’s post. Today we’re pretty much doing a recap of our posts and some gaming news because there has been so much happening on the blog lately. Let’s start with the gaming news; as there’s only a few things that I want to highlight:

  • Sonic Mania released August 15th
  • Pre-order the Call of Duty WWII game to have access to the Beta on August 25th
  • Call of Duty World Champions for Infinite Warfare: Optic Gaming!

Last week at GamersUnitedGG, we had some great posts! If you missed them, here’s what happened:

What a busy week! Thank you to everyone who visits the blog, we’re almost to 300 followers :D. If you missed any posts and would like to read them, you can click the corresponding links above to catch up! Don’t forget to vote or comment about the newsletter idea.

What are you up to? Are you working on any current projects? Let’s talk! Have a fantastic week!




  1. Newsletter is a good idea. I don’t do newsletter but I try to stick to doing monthlt agenda posts. Not only can I inform what’s coming up and just how last month was and shout out to other bloggers, but also really helps me make a plan and posting it makes sure I do whatever it takes to make it happen. I vote Yes 🙂

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