July Animation Lootcrate Unboxing!

Happy Friday Novas! This post seems a bit delayed by the title, but I literally just received the Lootcrate a few days ago. July’s theme was Animation and it was set to feature some awesome cartoons like Rick & Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Futurama. To me, this seemed like the most appealing standard Lootcrate that they have released, so I had to have it. About halfway through the month, I received an email from Lootcrate saying that they RAN OUT OF SHIRTS and new ones had to be printed. So that’s the reason for the delay, but I FINALLY received the crate! Let’s see what I have!

Each Lootcrate comes with an authentic T-Shirt. For the Animation crate I received a cool TMNT shirt; although I was hoping for a Bob’s Burgers Shirt. 20170817_100136

The box will definitely be kept as it’s a Bob’s Burger, Burger of the Day Box! If you don’t know, I loveeeeee Bob’s Burgers!

Staying on topic for Bob’s Burgers, I received the Burger of the Day recipe card set… This was a bit disappointing as I have the complete book already (I had to buy it lol). At least I can now leave my book at home and take out individual recipes when I want to make a burger (the bet is all on Black Garlic Burger being next).

Each Lootcrate also contains a collectible figure and this month’s figure was Rick from Rick and Morty. **PG-13 Content Inbound!!!* If you have ever watched Rick & Morty, you will know that it is inappropriate for all ages and the figure was no exception. Rick is literally giving everyone the finger lol. 20170817_100408

I also receive a cup holder sleeve thingy; you know the thingies that keep your hands from being too cold or warm from touching your beverage. 20170817_100421

You always receive a Lootpin in each box as well and I receive Gene from Bob’s Burgers! 20170817_100154

While I didn’t get anything Louise (which is what I was banking on) I’m not too upset with the items in this crate. Do you have any subscription services that you sign up for? What service would you want to sign up for? Let’s talk subscription services!

-Luna 🙂


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