Game of Thrones Ep.5 Eastwatch Recap and Thoughts!

Happy Monday Novas! Omg I can’t wait to give you my thoughts and opinions on this episode so let’s jump straight in, but before we do **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!** I will be recapping significant scenes from last night’s episode so if you haven’t watched it, stop reading. To read last week’s recap and thoughts, click here!

First we have grown accustomed to the opening themes of the show revealing different locations and this opening featured Eastwatch on the wall. We start with Jaime and Bronn getting out of the water. Bronn starts scolding Jaime for being reckless in the fight last episode. Bronn had some funny and choice words for Jaime:

…You saw the dragon between you and here? -Bronn

Till I get what I am owed, a dragon doesn’t get to kill you, you don’t get to kill you, I do! – Bronn

Bronn is definitely giving me life both in the series and by Jaime’s side. I just hope he doesn’t become a casualty of war or fodder for Drogon.

Next we find that Tyrion is walking the ashes of the fallen soldiers of the battle. His path ends with Drogon perched on a mountain top with Dany ready to address the survivors of the battle. As Dany is settling into being a ruler, she knows that at this point she is at war and must assert herself. The Tarly’s Randall and Dickon are faced with a choice along with the rest of the soldiers:

I offer you a choice. Bend the Knee and Join Me… If you refuse, you will die! – Dany

Randall Tarly takes his proud stance and unknowingly seals his and his son’s fate. As much as Tyrion pleaded for mercy, “Dracarus!” was the last thing that the Tarly duo heard and fire was the last image they saw.

Jaime returns to Kings Landing and addresses Cersei bringing with him not only the news of the lost battle, but the dying message of Olenna. Cersei almost in disbelief questioned Jaime further and ended with these words:

I shouldn’t have listened to you. She should have died Screaming! -Cersei

This is a climatic scene not for the obvious reasons of her finding out the truth and Olenna’s final wish being fulfilled. Because you can see in the anger in Cersei’s face that she is starting to trust Jaime’s opinion less and less. Another intriguing part of the episode is when Cersei reveals that she is pregnant and that Jaime is the father again. What should have been a joyous moment of relief turned into Cersei bluntly warning Jaime not to betray her again. That makes me wonder if she really is pregnant or if she’s using this as leverage to reel Jaime in.

Jon and Dany are also reunited after the battle is over. Another climatic scene is unveiled when Drogon snarls in Jon’s face. Jon actually reaches out and pets the dragon. Of course Dany is watching and taking in everything that is happening, my guess is the attraction between the 2 monarchs was just increased again. But more than that, Drogon identifies with Jon which is why he allows himself to be touched. We all know that Drogon is the least friendly of the trio of dragons so this is a great moment that is backed up by a blanket statement made by Guilly later in the episode.

Did you catch it? Guilly was reading the details that 1 arch maester wrote down from the number of steps at the Citadel to the number of Windows at the Sept. The 1 fact that was not mindless was the record of the annulment of Rhaegar Targaryen and a secret marriage to someone else in Dorne. Think about it… Lyanna Stark who is Jon’s mother was held in the Tower of Joy. The Tower of Joy is in Dorne. Are you catching on? If this record is legitimate then so is Jon. He is no longer a bastard and now arguably the rightful heir to the Iron Throne… OVER DAENAERYS!!!!  I’m mind blown right now. I really don’t want to talk about anything else but let’s dissect the rest of the episode. jon

Arya is being played by Littlefinger. Remember last week when I inquired into Sansa and Littlefinger watching Arya. Now I know why. It was all a trap for Littlefinger to set up Arya. He really is so clever isn’t he? This act of deceit piled on with Sansa accepting praise from the northen lords is all the evidence Arya needs to start hating her sister. We will see how it all plays out as Arya has already questioned Sansa’s intentions earlier in the episode.

Davos finds Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son and takes him to Jon. Against Davos’ advisement, Gendry introduces himself for real to Jon and travels with the others (exceptionally fast) to the wall. Here we also meet the Brotherhood with No Banners and the Hound as they join Jon, the Wildlings and Jorah Mormont to end the episode by journeying beyond the wall.

What an episode. Let’s end it here with some notable moments and quotes.


“Nobody Mind me, all I’ve ever done was lived to be a ripe old age.” -Davos

“If I don’t return, at least you don’t have to worry about the King in the North.” – Jon “I’ve Grown Use to him.” -Dany

Here We are at the edge of the world, all together, heading in the same direction for the same reason –

“He’s right. We’re all on the same side” – Jon “How can we be?” – Genry “We’re all breathing.” -Jon

Notable Moments:

  • Bran seeing the army of the dead
  • Tyrion and Varys Talking
  • Sam addressing the Maesters
  • Sansa taking in the praise of the Northern Lords
  • Arya Confronting Sansa
  • Jon finds out Arya and Bran are alive
  • Jorah returns to Dany

We still need to catch up with Grey Worm and the rest of the Unsullied. We still need to find out just what has happened to Yara in her captivity by Euron. There’s so much we still need to catch up on and start to piece together, but I don’t know how this will happen with2 episodes remaining.

Ok I have rambled on enough. What did you think of Sunday’s episode? Are you interpreting the scene with Gilly the same way I am? What would it mean if Jon wasn’t a bastard? What do you think will happen next? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!

-una 🙂





  1. This was such a fast moving and rushed episode, and I didn’t like that. But it was neccessary. With only 2 episodes left they need to ensure the pieces are set so they can properly pace the last 2 shows for this seasons climax.

    My thoughts are the same as you about Jon and what Guilly uncovered. I think they’ll be in Winterfell soon enough and with the help of Bran probably put all the pieces together.

    I’m not a big fan of the Sansa, Arya fued. With the way the shows going, I don’t see room for more political squabble there, it feels like drama for the sake of drama. I’m hoping secretly Arya is thinking smart and is actually onto to little finger being onto to her, and next episode stab him with her new trusty Valyrian dagger.

    Loved Gendry and his new hammer, he’s pretty awesome now.

    1. Thank you for commenting! It would make sense that Arya kills Littlefinger with the Dagger. It could be the reason Bran gave it to her, because he knew what would happen. I’m trying to think, is that the dagger that they were talking about in season 1 or 2 where Littlefinger said that he’d lost it in a bet to Tyrion?

  2. Randyll Tarly knows Dany is the daughter ofcAerys and Rhaella Targaryen. Even if Aerys was deposed by Robert, Dany is still no foreign queen, and Randyll is also a GIGANTIC hippocrite! He berated Tyrion for killing his father, but Tarly was more than willing to kill Sam while out on a hunt and pretend it was an accident.

    The antagonism between Arya and Sansa makes no sense. It’s like the show runners are forcing it to pit the sisters against each other. Sansa did nothing wrong. She has to keep these allies, and she told them that Jon is their king. She can’t go about beheading people just for some dissension. Winter is HERE. I’m hoping Bran will reveal the truth to them about what Littlefinger is trying to do. I feel that episode was probably the most troublesome so far.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I was not sad to see Randyll go but I was little upset with Dickon for joining in with his father.

      Yes, Sansa did nothing wrong but Arya is still in the mindset of a little girl and the last memories she has are of Sansa being selfish. She didn’t forget that most of her troubles were because Sansa didn’t tell the truth about Joeffrey or that she wanted so much to be out of Winterfell and to be queen. Memories like that without sufficient evidence to overrule them will make Arya think that Sansa hasn’t changed. I wonder how much the sisters have actually talked about their journey and what they have been through. I would guess not that much as they weren’t that close. Arya is trying to protect Jon so it’s understandable, the feud. At the end of the day, I feel as if all characters are doing what they think is best.

      1. Agreed. I never liked Randyll Tarly, but Dickon seems like a decent sort, and I was hoping to see him be lord of Horn Hill, but it looks like that’s going to be same…if he doesn’t leave the Night’s Watch.

        That’s a great point about Arya. The last time she talked to Sansa was probably on the Kingsroad after Lady was killed and Nymeria ran away. I don’t recall them ever really talking in King’s Landing, and if they did, I doubt it was anything good.

  3. I never want this season to end. lol It’s been soooo good!! 😀
    I loved how Gendry’s choice weapon is the war hammer, just like his dad’s was. There was so much that had me so pumped this episode. The next one is going to be absolutely insane. I can’t wait.
    Awesome post. It’s been so much fun reading your thoughts on each episode this season. 🙂

    1. Hi! I know, I’m sooo hooked, I don’t know what I’m going to do after the next 2 episodes. I mean Game of Thrones is love, Game of Thrones is Life! Yes, he’s a true Baratheon as most at the Baratheon males were not afraid of war, they welcomed it! I hope he survives out beyond the wall with everyone else, I just know that some people will die. Ughhh I can’t wait. I’m getting on sleep Sunday night because I have GOT and my WWE PPV Event that’s going to be 4 hours long aghhhhh.

      Thank you for stopping by to read my episode reviews and thoughts. I love talking GOT and there are a few blogs that I frequent to read their review in comparison with mines. Blog Holly has made some interesting distinctions as well! 🙂

      Additionally, I feel like I haven’t seen you around lately. I’ll head over to your blog and see what you’ve been up to!

      1. Yeah, tonight’s episode is going to be intense! I hope Gendry and the rest live too, but I think you’re right and that someone’s bound to die this episode. :O
        Yeah, I hadn’t really gotten to get any blog time in lately because of work but I’m gonna try to manage my time better so I can get back at it more. 🙂 It’s just been so busy lately, but I’ve missed all my blogging buddies. You guys all make it so much fun, so I gotta figure out how to squeeze some time in between work and everything else.

      2. Omgggg last night’s episode was so good. The recap is superr long because there’s so much to touch on and so much that happened. :).

        You will find a balance eventually, I was the same way for a while.

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