Game of Thrones Ep: 4 Thoughts!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was another epic episode of one of my favorite binge watching series, Game of Thrones. Want to read our thoughts from last week, click here. Please be advised, that this is the official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert** Stop reading now if you have not watched the episode yet because this post will be more of a recap and discussion.

The episode starts off with Jamie, Bronn and the Tarlys looting High Garden after the battle at the end of last episode. Here we see Bronn take another secondary role as he is rewarded for his efforts and in classic Bronn fashion asking for more; a castle. bronn Bronn will play an important role later in the episode. This scene sets up the next scene with Cersei paying the Lannister’s debt back to the Iron Bank and surpassing her father in strategy, fear and intelligence.

The long awaited scene of Arya returning to Winterfell is not far behind. You can see how Arya is disconnected from the world as she is asking for characters that were killed off seasons ago like Sir Roderick and Maester Luwin. Because of this disconnect, the guards doubt her identity. The reunion of Arya and Sansa raises a few questions. Sansa is trying to gauge if Arya is serious about her List and Arya is trying to gauge what Sansa’s new ambition is. Both sisters reunite in the crypt at the memorial of their father Ned Stark. Arya is also reunited with Bran where a symbolic event occurs; Bran gives Arya the Valyrian Steel dagger. I know that this event is symbolic in some way, not only by Bran’s cryptic presentation of the dagger, but I’m not sure what this event is pointing towards.

Another important event is Jon showing Dany that the Whiterwalkers are real. He unveils his findings in the cave where they are set to harvest Dragonglass. The cave is marked with drawings from the Children of the Forest (no clue who they are but I’m sure it will be explained later). The whitewalkers are shown on the wall with the first men fighting together. I believe this is a set up for Dany and Jon starting to align.


I will fight for you, I will fight for the North… when you bend the knee! – Dany

My people will not follow another Southern lord – Jon

They chose you to lead them, they chose you to protect them. Isn’t their survival more important than your pride? -Dany

The enemy is real, it’s always been real. – Jon

Arya vs Brienne had me on the edge of my seat. You know that Brienne is a talented fighter and that Arya is amazingly dangerous. When Arya spotted Brienne in the courtyard and ask to train with her, it was almost too much for my heart to handle. You see Brienne hold back a bit at first until she is bested, then her true skill is unleashed. By the end you’re wondering who’s going to stop who! Arya’s face lights up when she is tested and you can see her alternate side of an assassin coming out. I do wonder what Sansa and Littlefinger were thinking during the battle as they watched from above?

There was the awkward encounter of Tyrion and Dany when the news is unveiled that, although High Garden has fallen, the Lannister army got away and took down another ally; Olenna. Jon Snow and Sir Davos look away as Tyrion is scolded and almost accused of not really wanting his family dead. Another great moment happens here where Dany asks Jon for his advice (that she doesn’t use). All of these scenes with Dany and Jon and their attraction to each other makes me think that there may be talks of them ruling together. Maybe as King and Queen… sure they’re related but they don’t know it and it’s not like GOT is shy about family relations lol.


Key moments in the Episode:

  • “We don’t have marriage in Naath so the term bastard doesn’t exist.” – Missandei to Jon
  • Jon taking Tyrion’s advice from last episode and asking around about why people follow Daenaerys.
  • The reunion of Jon and Theon
  • Olennas’ last words coming to fulfillment about Cersei being the downfall of Jaime?
  • Bronn’s role in the episode. His skill, his guts and vow to protect.
  • The closing battle of the Dothraki Army, Drogon, Dany and the Lannister army

What did you think of last night’s episode? What do you think will happen next week and what are your thoughts on what has happened so far? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!




  1. Such an awesome episode! I seriously thought “This is how Jamie is gonna die! I was a little annoyed that the show ended 10 minutes earlier than scheduled. That was weird.

    1. Yea me too. I think its because the episodes are supposed to start being longer. Hopefully so. I can’t wait. I want Arya to see Jon but I feel like there’s at least 2 more episodes before that happens. And Bran knows something is going to happen. It’s why I think he handed the dagger to Arya.

  2. I was really hoping the gold wouldn’t reach King’s Lamding so that Cersei couldn’t pay the Iron Bank, but they’ll definitely have problems with supplies. That dragon scene was epic though, and look on poor Jaime’s face. I really hope he doesn’t drown in his armor.

    It was interesting how the sisters meet each other in the crypts. I could see that being interpreted two ways. Since they we’re looking st Ned’s statue, it could be they’ve both returned to their roots, but the fact that it’s a crypt could have a more ominous meaning.

    Probably the best episode so far, and I’m seeing some Jon X Dany potential lol.

    1. The episode was great. I can’t wait for next week to see what else happens. I don’t quite think that Jaime is dead yet. I do want to see bow Cersei responds to the attack. I also want to see what Euron plans for Yara.

      1. Nooo, I sincerely doubt Jaime is going to die. He has to kill Cersei hehe (well they both have to die together). That scene was so emotionally intense, because I like characters on both sides. I didn’t want Jaime to injure/kill Dany or Drogon, but I also didn’t want Jaime to get roasted and/or eaten. If anyone was going to die, I’d have gone with Bronn :p

      2. Yea I don’t believe he is going to be dead either but it’s very intense lol. I like a lot of the characters that are left, even Euron so it’s going to be a crazy few episodes for me. But tonight, more GOT action!!!!

      3. That episode…I’ve been making live videos on Facebook about nearly each one, because I want to talk about them, but I don’t have the time to write anything up. I should see if I can post them here. Time to get techie!

      4. Yea or like theories or something. I love reading others thoughts on the series. I wish I was blogging when I watched pretty little liars lol.

  3. Omg I loved this episode!! 😀
    Dany rolling in there with Drogon like that was amazing. I liked the part, too, where Tyrion was watching Jamie go after Dany when she was distracted trying to help Drogon and he’s just like “You idiot!”
    I can’t wait to see what happens next week! Great post!!

    1. I knowwwww the episode was so great. I was half asleep until my boyfriend put it on and I awoke to the theme song. Tyrion definitely loves Jaime and doesn’t want to see him killed. Bronn was the star of the episode for me. He’s just so darn likeable despite the side that he’s playing for at the moment. I wonder how things will play out next week? Thanks for stopping by!

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