Friendly Trends 1: Guilty Pleasures

Happy Sunday Novas! You know how you can hang around someone so much that you start picking up their habits and sometimes even their interests? That’s what I have noticed has been happening to me and my co-workers lately. Each week I will introduce the blog to this new segment called “Friendly Trends” that basically will catalog the trends that I have been “Put On” to by my friends. The inaugural post will feature my friends Selena and Erick and the Guilty Pleasures that they have introduced me to!

The Beginning: Selena and I were looking for a way to bond and have something that we could talk about (we have little in common).

The Trends: The trend that Selena has put me on to is the teen drama on YouTube. So let me set the scene: Selena is 21 and very young. She is constantly on her phone watching videos on YouTube and Instagram.

Instagram Drama!

She has been following the drama of these teens fighting on Instagram and it slowly led into me being mildly entertained. I will say right now as a PSA that I DO NOT CONDONE the behavior and I haven’t went as far as to “Follow” their accounts, but I was introduced into this world that slowly transitioned into me watching people on YouTube.


Now I follow few new channels on YouTube that shows young adults vlogging and doing challenges. She has also put me onto beauty tutorials with makeup and natural hair that I watch more than the teen drama stuff now.

Erickkkkk Mi Corazon!

The Trend(s) – Erick is a hardcore advocate for just about anything it seems. Erick has put myself and others on to a number of things that we would otherwise not have bothered with. The 2 main “Put Ons” are Game of Thrones and Comics! Around January of this year Erick was pleading with me (who had never seen an episode) to download HBO Now and watch Game of Thrones. He was recommending GOT to me because I was consistently talking about or watching historical dramas. He figured it was right up my alley and I am so thankful that I listened!

The suspense is killing me!



Erick also put myself and Selena on to comics. I was always interested in reading comics but there was never a drive strong enough to make me start. That is until Erick. He started recommending comics that suit each of our personalities. When you find friends that really understand you, it is an indescribable feeling!

Those are the few trends that will start off this series. What items have you been “Put On” to by your friends? Let’s talk Friend’s Trends!

-Luna 🙂




  1. I have my best friend to thank for introducing me to GoT/ASOIAF, too! 😀 Before I even saw season 1 of the show, she thrust the first book at me and demanded I read it. There was no going back after that. It became an instant obsession. lol I’ve since paid it forward though and introduced others to the series. 🙂

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