WWE 30 Challenge: Day 26-30

Happy Tuesday Novas! Thank you for staying with us through this 30 day challenge! This will be the final post in the WWE challenge so let’s get to it!

Favorite Wrestlemania

So my favorite Wrestlemania of all time is hands this this year’s Wrestlemania 33! It was held here in my home town of Orlando, Fl and I attending all events that weekend. How can I not love the Wrestlemania where my husband Seth Rollins returned!

Favorite Finisher

I loveddddd Seth Rollins  Curb Stomp back in the day. Now I really like Dirty Deeds by Dean Ambrose and the Coup De Gras by Finn Balor. The curb stomp was a cool looking finisher that reminded me of the curb stomp execution curb stomp  from my favorite game, Gears of War. Dirty deeds looks like a devastating finisher as you plummet your opponents head into the ground dean-ambrose-dirty-deeds-randy-orton-o  . The Coup De Gras is just amazing!!! finn balor

Favorite Debut/Return

This has to pertain to Wrestlemania 3 again! The Monday after RAW my other husband Finn Balor returned from Injury! The following night Shinsuke Nakamura debuted on Smackdown. I was at both events and the crowd went insane!!!! Being at a live event is an indescribable feeling that you cannot capture on film. The atmosphere is so energetic and infectious that it’s crazy.

Earliest Memory of WWE

Stone Cold and the Undertaker’s feud. I vaguely remember Stone Cold inadvertently saving Stephanie Mcmahon from the Undertaker.

Favorite Match Stipulation

Survivor Series! I love the traditional 5 of 5 elimination rules. Another great stipulation is the Elimination Chamber. There’s so many great moments and matches in the WWE that it’s hard to pick just 1.

Thank you for staying with us on this 30 day journey through WWE! What are your favorite finishers and Returns/Debuts? Let’s talk WWE!




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