July Replay!

Happy Tuesday Novas! July has been a crazy month and we have soared right through everything! This post will recap our goals for the month of July, if we met those goals and what we anticipate and plan for August!

July Goals 

  • To finish reading The Kingmaker’s Daughter and write a review

  • To finish reading Outlining Your Novel and begin writing the story again!

  • To not get obsessed with Game of Thrones (ughhh that’s going to be tough)

  • To nail this presentation at work!

  • To buy 2 new video games

  • To review 1 game on the blog

  • To post at least 3 times a week



imageedit_1_3706275708Goal: I did finish The Kingmaker’s Daughter and write up a review for it! You can check out the post by clicking here!

Goal: I did not finish reading Outlining Your Novel, but, I did work on my story and complete an outline for it! The tips and information provided in Outlining Your Novel was very valuable and I intend to finish it this month!

Goal: I am obsessed with Game of Thrones! So much so that I am now writing weekly thoughts on the episode each Monday! You can check out the first post by clicking here!

imageedit_1_3706275708Goal: I did really well on the presentation that I was invited back to 2 more. Fingers cross that promotion I want is right around the corner!

Goal: I did not buy 2 new video games. I bought 1 called Portal Knights, but that was it. The review of Portal Knights will be coming in the future!

Goal: I did not review a game on the blog. I did provide my thoughts on Sonic Mania that will be releasing on August 15th. You can read those thoughts by clicking here.

imageedit_1_3706275708Goal: I was able to successfully post at least 3 times a week! I’m very happy about the consistency that I had for the month of July and I hope that I can continue this through August!

Now on to what we have accomplished in the month of July!

In an effort to keep consistent content on the blog, we have welcomed a new contributor to the site! Maria will be provided Netflix/ Show reviews weekly on the blog! You can read her first review of a show called Glitch, by clicking here!

July was the blog’s best month to date! We had 1318 Views, 615 Visitors and we published 40 total posts for the month! This is fantastic and I thank each and everyone who has read, commented, liked or interacted with the blog in any way. It will never cease to amaze me that people actually care about reading and writing and sharing my ideas with everyone has been a highlight of my day!  rush hour

Collaborated with a few bloggers on upcoming posts!

Entered creative writing posts!

To be honest, July went by in such a blur that I do not remember everything that was accomplished lol.


Goals for August 2017!

  • Finish reading and reviewing The King’s Curse Book
  • Buy and review at least 1 video game!
  • Stay consistent with at least 3 posts per week!
  • Host a “Lan Party” blogging party!
  • Start integrating more social and discussion posts
  • Look for another blogger to start contributing to the blog!
  • Host a contest for a guest blogger!

Thank you for staying on this journey with us! Since I’m back on social media, feel free to add us by following the links below! What are your goals for August? What have you accomplished in July? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

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  1. I like the idea of monthly goals. I wave goodbye to them as they pass 😋 I have yearly goals I try to accomplish. They receive waves, too. I’m terrible at deadlines. Congrats on archiving some of what you set out to do. I’m actually happy you failed the GOT one lol. I did an FB live video yesterday on the last episode, because I don’t have time to write a full review like I did with season 5’s. So time consuming 😫

    1. Thank you. Yea I’m not that great with deadlines because I seem to always pile more onto my plate. Yearly goals I would 100% fail because I would simply forget or procrastinate and say “I’ll just double up next month,” next thing you know is that I’ll be drowning in unattainable goals lol. I loveeee GOT so I knew that one would be a bust lol. Thanks for dropping by

      1. I know with the yearly ones they’re things that are on my radar to get done and are usually “Finish editing this” or “Write this particular essay” so it’s something I’m working on. I check it periodically to see how well I’m doing. I’m still always behind lol.

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