Game of Thrones S7: Ep 3 Thoughts

Happy Monday Novas! I hopw that your weekend went well! Last night was episdoe 3 of the new season in Game Of Thrones and it was an excellent episode in my opinion. Please be advised that Mild Spoilers will be listed below so if you don’t want the episode spoiled, please stop reading now! Right, let’s have a quick recap of what happened before episode 3.

Recap of season so far: This season of Game of Thrones started with showing where season 6 left off. We caught up with Arya in her tear of vengeance across the Seven Kingdoms, checked in on The Hound and The Brotherhood With No Banners, witnessed one of the most anticipated scenes of Dany returning to Dragonstone, witnessed the life of Sam in the Citadel, watched as Cersi ruled King’s Landing and of course, checked in with Jon Snow, King of the North. We’ve had battles, lost characters and now we are really in the fight for the Iron Throne.

This episode is more like the intense battle of wit and strategy. The long awaited scene of Jon Snow meeting with Daenarys, was as  intense and cringy as one of the gory, action packed, fight scenes.  jon You see the 2 strong willed leaders with 1 asking the other to bend the knee, while the other is asking for assistance in a much more important fight; The Long Winter. The battle of Kings and Queens all took place in the throne room at Dragonstone. Each monarch reached their boiling point and was backed up by their trusted advisors (Missandei and Davos). Both tempers were brewing and each were correct in their own right. We shall see how this plays out for the rest of the season and if Dany and Jon will become enemies or allies.

“Please don’t blame a daughter for the sins of her father…” -Dany

“Please don’t hold me to the oath of my family…” -Jon

Both the opening and ending scenes were really some of the best moments. **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!** We waved goodbye to one of my favorites; Olenna Tyrell. Jaime Lannister definitely learned from his mistakes in past battles and launched an unsuspecting attack on on High Garden, which is the home of the wealthiest family, the Tyrells. Olenna went out like a G! Knowing that her army wasn’t bred to be great fighters, she welcomed Jaime into her suite for her final scene. Afer drinking the poison that Jaime brought to kill her painlessly, olenna  Olenna boldly said the best line of the night, “Tell Cersei I did it (Killed Jeoffrey), I want her to know it was me.”

We also were invited to see Euron’s gift to Cersi, Ellaria Sand and one of her surviving daughters. If you recall, Ellaria poisoned Myrcella before she departed back to the Seven Kingdoms and Cersi never forgot it about it. We are actually able to see the emotion in Cersi’s face as she talks about her daughter; her Only Daughter before rendering the punishment to Ellaria. **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!** Ellaria is sentenced to watch her daughter die in the same chamber as her, by the same poison used on Myrcella. Dangggg Cersi!!!!

Other notable scenes:

  • Sam & the Archmaester
  • Bran’s arrival to Winterfell (meeting Sansa)
  • Littlefinger’s “Lesson” to Sansa

This episode we did not see Arya or The Hound. Next episode will probably begin with us catching up with them and seeing how Dany and Tyrion will approach the deceit of the Lannisters. We will find out what is happening with Dany and Jon Snow as well.

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode? Did you enjoy it? What do you think will happen moving forward? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!

-Luna 🙂



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  1. I really enjoyed your recap as well. I have to say Olenna was such a strong, amazing character and it was heartbreaking to see her come to her end. She went out on top like a boss though striking Jamie with those words which had me yelling at the tv “Damnmmmmm” haha. I still want to have hope for Jamie and liking him but everything Olenna said to him before he gave her the poison is what my friends and I have been saying/talking about, Cersei will be his death. It truly amazes me that Cersei is now back on top, which it shouldn’t, because she gets stuff done always. I’m glad Jorah was cured by Samwell because Khaleesi really needs an ally right now and she hasn’t even heard about the Lannister’s invading/killing Olenna and taking her money which will make them square with the bank! I didn’t mean to make this reply so long, it’s just both our posts made me think of more and more ideas/thoughts on the matter of GOT. I look forward to reading your post next week as well!

  2. I was surprised that I felt bad for Ellaria. I’ve disliked that character from the get-go, and I hated his D&D changed her from the books, and not because I’m trying to be a snooty book reader lol. Book E argues against war and retaliation. She serves as a foil for the Sand Snakes who want to avenge their father and is actually the one to point out that Oberyn chose to fight and knew he could die. There’s really nothing to avenge. The show made her this one dimensional character along with her annoying daughters. She killed Myrcella for no reason, and I was actually looking for are to her comeuppance, but…that was disturbing. I get the eye for an eye thing, but forcing her to watch her daughter rot is just…horrifying, and I’m pretty sure Euron is going to rape Yara 😥

    1. Yea, I haven’t read the books yet but I don’t really like Ellaria either. It is crazy how cersei is forcing her to watch, but thats what I would expect from her character. It shows just how cold hearted she really is.

      1. She’s like textbook narcissistic personality disorder (and I know narcissism hehe) and possibly sociopathic. Though she claims she loves her children, she really only loves them as extensions of herself, especially considering the prophecy about how they’ll die before her, and then she’ll be killed by the valonqar. Even with Jaime. She pretty much sees her as the same as herself, and her being in love with him is her being in love with herself. The instant he turns against her or becomes not like her, she’ll no longer love him similar to how she said that “Tommen betrayed her.” She doesn’t want to just rule; she wants to control. It’s pretty terrifying.

  3. Ep 3 was really good

    It has however cast my dislike for Daenerys. She’s acting like a spoilt child. I’m with Jon in their dispute.

    This is the only time I was actually in support of Cersei’s actions. I loved how she talked about how she heard what true love was when Oberym died and she heard Ellaria’s scream. That scream was haunting for me, so I loved the call back to that horrifying moment. Ellaria’s unfortunately seeped her own Fate when she took out mercyella, as she was innocent.

    I’m wondering when we’ll next see Arya. I have a feeling she’ll just show up in Winterfell soon

    Jaime and Cersei’s must be pissed. olenna for the last laugh on them not only admitting to killing Joffeey but calling him a cunt while she was at it. They must be pissed because they granted her a peaceful death, when I’m sure had they known, they might have just flayed her and hung her over the castle walls to die

    1. I agree, I wanted Daenerys to be a bit more understanding at the beginning, but I can also see where she was coming from. She has to make sure Jon is not planning to betray her and knows that she is the rightful queen.

      Yea Cersei is something else. That seen was really intense and although Ellaria had it coming, it’s still really cringy for me to watch or think about.

      I agree. I think Arya will just pop up at Winterfell, hopefully this week. The only way she wouldn’t is if she hears about Cersei and the Lannister army. Then she’d probably snap out of her quest for family and head back to Kings Landing.

      Olenna was a G. She knew exactly how to end things and knowing that he FATE was sealed with a painless death just made the Queen of Thorns poke at the Lannisters one last time.

  4. This season has been so good so far. 🙂 I’m really loving it.
    Your weekly thoughts on the show have been a lot to fun to read. It’s always fun to geek out over such good shows with friends! 😀
    The whole Olenna scene just left me like “DAAAAMN!” lol She went out so calmly, with her dignity, and still managed to shove it hard to the Lannisters on her way out.
    Cersei was ruthless with her revenge in this episode.

    1. Thank you! I love talking about my favorite shows with friends and hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions. Olenna’s death will probably be the best of the series. I can’t see any other character beating her in her sheer poise and savageness. She didn’t try to run, she didn’t try to fight. She knew even at the end that she was a G and well respected, even by Jaime. LONG LIVE OLENNA!

    1. Yes. It was a great episode. I can’t wait until the finale this Sunday. Should be amazing. Thank you for commenting!

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