So I Think I Had A Night Terror!

Happy Sunday Novas! Today’s post will be a discussion post about our dreams and what they may mean.

So I forceably woke myself up this morning. I knew it was a forced awakening because my body was completely numb and I couldn’t move for a few minutes. I imagine this is how it would fee if you were hit by something. As I lay there in my immobile state, I noticed that I wasn’t in the same position as when I fell asleep. Normally I lay horizontally on my bed from foot to head. When I woke up, I was sprawled diagonally across the width of the bed and my heart was racing. Between the paralyzation, rapid heart beats and positioning, I have concluded that… I Think I Had A Night Terror!

When I was young (oh how I miss my youth lol), I’ve always had bizarre dreams that either punched me out of the dreamworld or snatched at my hair when I woke to discover that I was under my bed. Due to my crazy past and struggles with sleeping, I am no stranger to having night terrors at all. One of my infamous, scary dreams growing up was Goldar (yes, from Power Rangers) jumping out of my closet trying to eat me. The reason this dream was so terrible was for 1 it occured all of the time (maybe had this dream 20-30 times… not even exaggerating) and I would always “Wake Up” in the dream, look at the closest and then he would jump out again. I never knew when I was really awake lol.

My concern and the reason to the blog post is Why? Why did I have a night terror? Why does anyone have night terrors? To try and understand this (and because I think it’s an interesting blog post discussion) you will probably want to know what the dream was about.


Here is what I can remember….

My boyfriend moved into a house with his friends, all female. They have been friends since childhood so of course there’s going to be a different bond, but I can still feel myself getting jealous and enraged at some of the things they would do. He then decided that it would be “funny” to tease me by pretending that he and his friends were making out in the bathroom. Understandably, I got upset and was about to leave. Of course it didn’t go down that way, I was heated and I pushed him into the tub while they all laughed. He ran after me and explained everything, blah blah blah. Im’ still upset hahaha. Someone’s entire family (mom, dad, sisters, uncles, a dog…) barged into the house wth food and stuff (I’m guessing a house warming party) and I decided to take my leave.

Here’s where it gets really interesting…

As I’m leaving, a group of islanders gathered around the bay window for the living room and stared into the house. I knew something was wrong so I dialed (frantically, like in a horror movie) 911. The leader of this group stopped me and asked me to participate in chants with them. I did so, with 911 on the line. Certainly, the operator will hear us and I would provide clues to our location so that she would know. She hung up! I wasa enraged again. But the leader had no knowledge of this and let me go. As I’m backing up I called the cops again and sped away… then I woke up.

So why was this dream a night terror? What was so bad about it that had me tossing and turning in my sleep? What are your thoughts? Have you had any crazy dreams that knocked you out of your normal sleep patterns? I would love to hear your thoughts and personal experiences! Let’s talk, dreams!

-Luna 🙂




  1. Usually those kind of dreams stem from worries you have in your normal life. THINK about what you are worrying about and that is causing you anxiety. Eliminate those worries and normally anxiety goes away. Also, not a good idea to watch negative movies or play negative games before you go to bed. THINK what you did the day before that would have had your mind focused on negativity. Hang in there and TONIGHT have a good night’s sleep thinking of HAPPY THOUGHTS.

    1. Thank you! I was extremely tired after work so I canceled all of my plans and came home and slept. I’ve been working overtime the last few weeks to prepare for a trip I’m taking in 8 days (sooo I didn’t propery plan for the trip). The approaching deadline has been weighing on my mind alot. Thanks for the advice!

  2. I think dreams like that tap into the amygdala, which is a brain structure heavily involved in fear. Granted this is just telling you the mechanism of why it was so terrifying and not why it happened. It sounds like you were trying to get help and none was forthcoming, which could’ve been the reason for it.

    Yep, I have them sometimes, too 😕

    1. It was really weird. Thanks for the insight! Dream interpretation is one of the more vast areas to study. It’s like you never really know lol

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