Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy!

Happy Thursday Novas! Thank you for tuning into today’s post! A big thank you for Kim from Later Levels for nominating me in this blogging challenge. With blogging challenges you answer the question on your blog and then nominate others to participate! Blogging challenges are a great way to connect with the blogging community and provide content for your blog. Without further adieu, here are 10 things that make me happy!

Video Games – Of course I wanted to start of with the extremely obvious, my hobby (more like my life lol) video games. Video games have been in my life for a longgggggg time, practically my entire existence (apart from a hiatus here and there) and honestly they have helped me cope with the loss of family members or the pressures of high school (click here to read my Evolution of a Gamer post). Many times I took out my frustrations on games like Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row and in turn, held less pent up anger which could cause an unstable teenager to do reckless acts. Video games will always be something that caan make me happy instantly!

Friends – It’s funny, I’ve read a few of these posts and I haven’t seen anyone say that their friends make them happy. I am fortunate enough to have some completely AWESOME  friendships that I would not trade for any amount of money in the world. I have my bestest friends from school and childhood. Were so inseparable, that people on Facebook are always commenting on how we stuck together after high school and college. I also have some AMAZING co-workers whohave quickly become greta people in my life. They uplift me and we have a ball singing Karaoke, going out, playing games or just making jokes.

Family – Family is a big one for me.My mother and my brother, while sometimes lovethey   completely annoy me, I love them so much and I will do anything for them. My mom made decisions when we were young to leave me with my grandma to be raised. As a child you don’t quite understand, but as an adult I am grateful to her. My childhood and the way I was raised couldn’t have been any better and I still saw my mom weekly. My brother is the closest person to me and I can tell him anything. It’s weird I’ve always wanted a sister, but I would never trade my brother. He protects me, he mentors me and he makes me a better person. Also, my boyfriend is lumped in with my family. What more can I say othen than, I am the luckiest to have him!

Writing –  writing  Writing has been a passion of mine since I could write. There’s something about chronicling your day or creating a story that makes me feel complete. I remember writing stories in 1st grade about a secret valley that you could only get to by taking daring risks. I graduated from short stories to writing poetry all through middle and high school (I still have most of my writing notebooks too). Finding blogging has really just made this year all that more fulfilling as I conect with some many of you amazing bloggers. Thank you for allowing me to live in this community with you!

TV – Television will always make me happy! I have so many shows that I binge watch or have waiting in my Netflix Queue to watch. This past week I’ve watched Me Before You (balling my eyesout of course lol), completed Pretty Little Liars and this Hulu Original Series T@gged (which will have a review this week or next week). TV or YouTube or Netflix or anything that you can watch can evoke so many emotions, happiness is the one that I look for. I want to laugh, I want to cry, I want there to be an ending that agrees with the story I’m not sure how  I have time to do all of this lol.

Food – Food is burgeran    instant comfort. My favorite foods would be Burgers and Mashed Potatoes. I’m happy when I can eat some great food, similar to the live of a Sim on The Sims franchise. If the character eats bad food, their mood and overall happiness decreases, but if they eat great food, their mood instantly elevates. Our senses are a big part of who we are and how we will react to situations during the day. Being in a great mood after a meal makes me more social (as I already talk a lot lol) and positive!

Traveling– Traveling and changing my scenary makes me really happy. I take a trip a few times a year to see my friends in Illionois and each time I am super sad when I have to return home and to life. Don’t get me wrong,  world  I love Orlando and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but there’s something about being in a new city or location that makes me happy.  I love looking at nature or the cityline and seeing different aspects of culture and personality. I took a road trip from Florida to Illinois the 1st time I went to see my friends (did I mention that I met them on Xbox 🙂 ) and it was amazing. I seen the mountains of Tennessee, the underground mall of Atlanta and so much more!

Activities – Activities make me happy! living in a tourist city like Orlando comes with its perks! There’s so much to do here! I can literally goggle anything and find a place in Orlando to go and have some fun. I’ve went to dance classes, painting, pottery, escape games, mini golf, go karts, theme parks, trampoline parks, indoor skydiving and so much more over the course of my life. When I’m active and able to try new things, whether alone or in a group, I’m very happy!

Meeting New People – I’m very social and friendly so meeting new people and connecting with them has always made me happy. It’s like you can learn so much from different people. I am the girl that visits places on my day off and start talking to people with no real plan other than to learn about their life. Learning is another thing that makes me happy. When I want something, I set my mind to it and try to learn as much about it as I can. Yes, I was the bookworm and goody two shoes student in school, but like why wouldn’t you want to learn! Knowledge is Power lol!

Favorites – All of my “Favorites”  vulpix  make me happy! This can be any item or anything dealing with my favorite characters or items. Seth Rollins, Scooby Doo, Regina from Once Upon a Time, The Joker, Sesshomaru, Vegeta, Belle you name it. If it’s a favorite or mine, it can make me happy anytime and any place! Having favorites, whether you connect with their personalities, or you model them after your family (Scooby Doo was a childhood homage to my brother!) gives you something to think about and something to feel proud in.

Wheeeew! That was a doozey of a post! Thank you for taking the time to read the 10 things that make me happy. Now for my nominees:

If I haven’t mentioned you, still participate and share something about yourself! Don’t forget to link me or leave a comment so that I can know to look at your post! What are somethings that make you happy? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂




  1. Food makes me happy as well lOl especially ice cream, pasta, brownies, & hot wings! 😋

    1. Haha that’s great! I am happy that we share a lot of happy things in common. I’m sure reading and Final Fantasy are a top of your own personal list 😀

      1. Definitely at the top! I struggle with whether to define myself as a writing gamer or a gaming writer. Ultimately I’ve been playing video games longer than I’ve been writing (age 3 compared to age 5/6), and video games have always been a big inspiration for my work!

      1. Done. Let us know when you’re over in this side of the world and we’ll give you the proper London experience. 😉

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