WWE Battlegrounds Results!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was the Smackdown Live special ; Battlegrounds! The Smackdown roster of Superstars battled it out at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia! Right on shcedule we have the recap and results from the matches.

Tag Team Championship Match– The starting match of the PayPerView pitted the rough and tough champions The Usos verus the longest reigning tag team champions, The New Day! The New Day fought using Kofi and Xavier Woods, sidelining the powerhouse, Big E. Woods and Kofi made a great tandem starting off hot with kicks, flips and tricks. The Usos answered back with hard hitting moves and signature high flying tricks. The match started the night off correctly, having the crowd screaming “This Is AWESOME” early. Results: Your new Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions are the New Day!

Nakamura Versus Baron Corbin– Next up Nakamura came out (finally uninterrupted in his intro) to face Mr. Money In The Bank, Baron Corbin. Nakamura started the match uninterested in Barons tough exterior, he started throwing punches and kicks off rip. Corbin answered back with extreme speed and power catching Nakamura off guard a few times. This match was pretty entertaining. Results: Nakamura wins by DQ (Corbin low-blowed Nakamura to get disqualified).

United States Championship Match – Champion AJ Styles came out confident against Kevin Owens. After Styles’ insane and unexpected win at the house show in Madison Square Garden, the WWE Universe erupted in cheer for the new champ. This match wasprobably the most anticipated match of the night for me. Styles put up a great fight and Owens studied his opponent well pulling out counters ever so often. The highlight was when Styles went for the Styles Clash, KO reversed the move and flung AJ into the Ref! It was insane! Results: KO is the New United States Champion due to a controversial pinfall, but pinfall none the less!

Women’s 5 Way Elimination Match – The Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi joined the commentators during the women’s 5 way elimination match! I originally thought the Superstars will come out 1 at a time, but I was incorrect. The match started with all 5women going at each other. Tamina dominated early tossing women left and right. Charlotte and Becky Lynch put on masterful displays of technique and precision, wile Lana… well she was yelling at everyone in Russian. The order of elimination was as follows: After trying to save Lana for the bagillionth time, Tamina tapped out to Becky Lynch’s Disarmer, followed shortly by Lana herself. Becky was eliminated soon after leaving Charlotte and Natalya… the 2 women I didn’t want to win. At this point I was rooting for Nattie. Results: Natalya is the number 1 contender to challenge champion Naomi at Summerslam!

Flag Match – John Cena took on Rusev for a flag match. The match was ok at best in my opinion, with all of the action and suspense appearing towards the end of the match. Both flags were half-way up the ramp and Rusev had enough. After putting Cena in a few accolades, the Bulgarian Brute set 2 tables up side by side next to the USA podium. There was blood in his eyes as he was looking for a way to humilate Cena. Results: Cena reversed Rusev’s evil intentions and hit his Attitude Adjustment off of the USA Podium, onto the very tables that Rusev stacked! Cena Wins!

Sami Zayn Vs Mike Kannelis– OK, honestly did not care about this match so I fast foward through it. Results: Sami Zayn lands the Helluva Kick for the win!

Punjabi Prison Match – The WWE Champion Jinder Mahal fought the Viper Randy Orton inside of the Punjabi Prison. At first glance, the structure looked like a bamboo jungle gym lol. I was worried about watching the match (I don’t know how the fans in the building were able to watch). 3 of the 4 doors inside of the cage were locked early, with both Superstars battling with about 30 seconds left on the last door. Then the SIngh Brothers came out from under the ring and pulled Mahal out of the 1st cage. Orton eventually slithered out and put up a great battle knocking out the Singh Borthers and beating Mahal with a Kendo Stick. This battle got bloody and brutal quick. Results: Jinder Mahal retains…. with an assist from The Great Khali!

Those are the results from the event! This prediction for me was the worst! I only predicted maybe 2 things correctly (which I admittedly knew would happen). This time around, I predicted what I wanted to happen, but I wasn’t too suprised (Other than AJ losing the title). What are your thoughts? What do you think this means for Summerslam? Let’s Talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


  1. Sami Zayn – the most talented performer on the roster, relegated to picking up the pieces WWE are messing up. Nice review 🙂

    1. Thank you. I love Sami Zayn and hopefully he will get better matches on Smackdown. I remember the matches on Raw and they were not flattering at all. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Yea. I was like welp, I knew I didn’t place accurate predictions but this is ridiculous lol. Summerslam is next and it’s cross brand!!!!!!!!

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