Game of Thrones Week 2 Thoughts!

The opening to week 2 of GOT was just as intense as the premier episode, showing Dany’s authority and the opening shows glimpses of the type of ruler Daenyrys intends to be. She is not blind, she is not stupid and she is very brave, as brave as her dragons. The closing to the opening scene tells it all… “Tell him his Queen invites him to Dragonstone… And Bend The Knee!”

Sam’s development. He’s becoming more brave, defiant and strong willed towards causes he belived in. In episode 1 this started with him building up the courage to go into the forbidden section of the Citdael. In this episode he goes against direct orders of the Arh Maester. I’m super happy to see that Sam is becoming his own man.

Arya is reunited with a boy from her past and from their interaction you can see just how feral she really is. Arya has lost most of her humanity until a great truth is revealed. The actress did an amazing job of showing the voidness in her face and then the child Arya in her eyes. Over the 7 seasons, arya was deprived of her childhood, upon this revealation, you can see that she is transported back to that feeling. “Take care of yourself, try not to get killed.” – Arya to Hot Pie

Sansa and Jon’s relationaship. Her rebellion is quickly enraged and just as swiftly diminished upon Jon’s revelation. There are 2 choices that can be taken from this point, Sansa will remain loyal and serve her brother or Sansa will try and show why she is a better candidate for a ruler. I’m very interested in how this sequence will play out. “Touch my sister… and I’ll kill you myself! “-Jon to Littlefinger.

Lastly, there was a great battle scene that did not skimp on the blod or action. Lines were drawn in the sand, boundaries were crossed and decisions were made that are not easy to come back from. The ending of the episode was just explosive as the beginning of the Season! Did any of your favorites get wounded or killed? You have to watch to find out!

Those are some of my thoughts from this week’s episode! Below are a few points to consider moving forward.

  • Book of Lanister History – Highlighted at the Citadel
  • Lymmerya… Finally! – How will Arya’s wolf come into play?
  • Developing relationships between Grey Wolf and Misandre – “You are my weakness.”
  • The Lords of Westeros are sheep.. Are you a sheep? No You’re a a dragon! – Lady Olena. How will Dany be a Dragon?
  • What’s going on with the characters we did not see this week? The Hound, etc.

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  1. good start to the season. I wasn’t too bummed out about the characters killed, I found the Dorn story line was pretty boring once oberyn was taken out of the picture. Was very happy to see Nymeria, or so we thought. When Arya was looking around after hearing the movements around her, I propped up with excitement telling my wife I hope it’s what I think it is. The books eluded to Nymeria and Arya quite a bit and the TV show hadn’t done that up until now, and still did it quite differently. I’m also interested to see how Sansa handles being the care taker of Winterfell. I think she’ll have good intentions and is grateful for Jon giving her this opportunity, and understands he needs to leave, even if everyone disapproves, but I don’t trust Littlefinger and see him messing everything up and trying to sway Sansa. Lastly, I think Dany needs to ease up on the whole bend the knee thing. Jon’s a stand up guy, and she goes out assuming he should bend the knee. I see her being a big problem with what Jon is trying to accomplish. Her saying something as simple as “bend the knee” and the tone of voice it was conducted with brought alot of dislike from my side to her. She’s the one person who I thought could put aside that whole squabble of who should be king and blah blah blah, but seems like she may just go down that path as well and end up making things worse inadvertently, and I hope it won’t be too late when she realizes this.

  2. I knew Yara was going to be either captured or killed due to the preview scene of Theon crying on a beach. People are giving him a lot of crap, but he has severe PTSD due to what he lived through. Obviously in this world (and let’s be honest in ours, too), they neither understand nor sympathize with something like that. He’s just considered craven, but psychologically, his behavior made perfect sense.

    “You are my weakness” from Greyworm parallels the “Hands of Gold” song. I just thought about that when you mentioned it. I really hope Greyworm doesn’t die, but they spent like five minutes on that scene, which is precious time when there are only seven episodes in the season. I suppose we’ll see 😕

    1. I agree. Theon was trying to cope as best he could. But all of the fighting and seeing Yara captured was too much, of course it would trigger an emotional breakdown and at that point the Flight instinct took over.

      Yea it was a great scene but I know that their love can’t last for one reason or another. I’m so anxious for Sunday’s episode! Thank you for commenting!

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