A Glitch Worth Noticing

Hello all, I’m Maria, and new to this blog. Nice to meet you all! 😀

To preface tonight’s post–as well as a little bit about myself–I like to expand my horizons, which usually entails means traveling to places I’ve never been, delving into new interests, and furthering my new hobby as a foodie. It also means finding new and intriguing shows and films on Netflix. Which is what I’m about to write about on this now-cooled Sunday evening (I live in Florida, so lately it’s been rainy when it’s not humid and the reverse when it’s not coming down).

And tonight, I am going to introduce and review Glitch.

A few months back, I was introduced to this Netflix Original show by a very good friend of mine, who described it as a show about people “who rise from the dead”. And that is exactly what happens, in a small rural town in Australia.

Now, when someone says a show is about those “who rise from the dead” usually they are referring to those with zombie plot lines, like The Walking Dead and its prequel Fear The Walking Dead. (Which I’ve also enjoyed watching as well. Now if Fear The Walking Dead would end up on Netflix as well, that would be awesome.)  But no, Glitch is definitely different from all of that. And that is what helps to make it much more intriguing. But back to its plot.

In a town called Yoorana, through strange circumstances (which may or may not be linked to a pharmaceutical company), six individuals who are dead find themselves miraculously undead (and in perfect health). A local police officer, Sergeant James Hayes, along with the town doctor, Elishia McKellar, take it upon themselves to figure out what exactly is going on–and this means, especially for James, keeping this a secret from everyone else he knows, especially his overly inquisitive colleague, Vic Eastley.

As the show progresses, you see the six seemingly undead people try to figure out what their identities are, why they died, and especially why they have come back from the dead.

Now, this show originally first came onto the Netflix scene in 2015, and the first season is only six episodes long, but the first ten to fifteen minutes will grip one’s curiosity and    wonder what’s going to happen next. That is what happened when I started watching it, and the season finale left me, as it will with others, with loads more questions than answers.

If I had to rate this show I would give it a 5/5, and while the second season has not even made its way to Netflix yet, you can bet I will be one of the first ones to catch it.



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  1. Sounds like a show that I could be interested in. I think I saw a trailer for this show awhile back and I guess I just forgot about it. Thanks for the heads up!

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