WWE 30 Day Challenge Days 16-20

Happy Thursday Novas! We are continuing with the 30 day blogging challenge and today we will be answering questions 16-20. This weekend will be an overload of WWE content as I have received my WWE Slamcrate this morning (the unboxing post will be up tomorrow) and my traditional predictions and preview post for the WWE PayPerView event on Sunday will go up on Saturday! Let’s jump into the questions!

Day 16- Most Underrated WWE Wrestler

tyeI would say the most underrated wrestler at the moment will be Tye Dillinger. Don’t get me wrong, many will know the Superstar from NXT as he was a crowd favorite, but as of right now WWE does not seem to be doing much with the Perfect 10.¬† I would love to see him have a developing story line and be featured more.

Day 17- Most Overrated WWE Wrestler

The answer to this question is pretty funny. A few months ago, I would have said that AJ Styles was overrated because I didn’t like him that much. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great¬†brock Superstar but I didn’t like his character. Now, I’m going to say both Samoa Joe and Brock Lesner! Joe is really annoying coming in as “The Destroyer” and Brock, let’s face it… we don’t see him enough for him to be this hyped up.

Day 18- Favorite WWE Entrance

Currently, I love Seth Rollin’s entrance, Brock Lesner, Kevin Owens and The Hardy Boyz! Oh yeah, can’t forget Naomi, her entrance is really good. Of all time The Shield’s entrance is definitely up there along with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock! Their entrances were iconic and unforgettable.

Day 19- Favorite WWE Merch

Merchandise for WWE is a great way to support your favorite Superstars! Currently, I’m looking to get Roman Reigns new shirt with the Superman punch on the front. My favorite pieces of merchandise currently owned are the WWE United States Championship Belt, Seth Rollins Shirt and Finn Balor Shirt. Oh yeah, my Alexa Bliss wrist cuffs as well. I’m looking to get the Wrist cuffs for Reigns and I wouldn’t mine getting Heath Slater’s “I Got Kids, I Need This Job” shirt because it’s hilarious. CsSfuQuUAAEgS7w

Day 20- Favorite Current Smackdown Female Wrestler

Hands down Naomi! Since she has revamped her character I have been feeling the glow!

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s installments of the 30 day challenge! Next week I will have days 21-25 posted! What are your answers to the questions? Are you watching Battlegrounds this weekend? Let’s Talk WWE!

Enjoy your Thursday!






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