Game of Thrones Season 7 Premier and Thoughts!

Happy Monday Novas! So… you just knew that I had to write a Game of Thrones post (along with the rest of the world I imagine lol). I will try to make my ost a lttle different by not blogging a recap of the episode, but instead I want to talk about some of my favorite scenes, what I think they represent and place some predictions for the next episode! Join in on the conversation in the comments!

Of course we have to start off with that opening. Before the premier, we thought that Winter Is Coming and Has Came with the emergence of the White Walker Army. I would like to formally say that Winter Has Come with the epic way that Arya Stark congratulated the Freys on their Red Wedding victory! The penalty for treason is death and while the Lannister’s Always Pay Their Debts, the North Always Remembers.

The North Remembers

Lyanna Mormont is quickly turning in to my favorite character in the show. She is tough, She is Brave and she takes no sass from ANYONE!!!! She truly is an inheritant of her House Sigil on Bear Island. I’d hate to see her on the battlefield! I think this scene was significant because it shows the strength of the people in the North. They are true to their word and they will go down swinging!

Dany’s homecoming choked me up a bit. I’m glad the producers didn’t ruin t with dialogue and just let the moment resonate with the audience. Dany set foot in her childhood home, tore down the Baratheon’s Banner and gazed upon the true home of the Iron Throne.

Sandor Clegane and his band of fanatics. This scene interested me the most because you can tell that it is a buildup for the Hound. He’s growing a conscious, he’s growing to believe and in turn, I believe he is growing stronger. When he asked why the Lord of Light picked  Berric Dondarrion to keep resurrecting, I thought of a bold response. Clegane seems to only be in the group because of Berric, right? What if Berric’s purpose is to bring the Hound to their side? I don’t know why specifically that this would matter, but Clegane seen the Light… literally! He knows of the undead Army and he knows of the battle ahead. Clegane is the key for something… hopefully we are gifted more clues next week,

Euron Greyjoy vow to return to Cersei with a gift, a magnificent gift. Could it be that he plans to bring Cersei Tyrion? You know that he plans to set sail and my bets are that he’s going to bring her something that she will not stop fighting for; revenge. If not Tyrion, could he bring her Sansa? I have to believe that it is a person that he will return with.Cersei is not dealing with her feelings which makes her even more dangerous. Because of this vulnerability you know that she is going to slowly push Jaime away. What will this mean for Kings Landing?

We’re waiting Euron

I feel that Jame of course, is Cersei’s only restraint. She can’t have that hindrance around, so I wonder if she will turn against her brother first?

Other notable moments were Jorah Mormont reaching out at Sam with his illness and Brandon Stark reaching the Wall. Of course we are all still waiting to see exactly what Sansa plans. Her undermining Jon in front of all of the Lords of the North was a power move and then it seemed as she was trying to become his right hand confidant… Hand of the King. It’s all very fishy, but I don’t belive that she is trying to outright overthrow Jon… yet. And I was very annoyed when she was telling Jon to not be Stupid like Father nad Robb… It’s like you were lucky people were saving you in every season but the 6th season… just saying.  There was a lot going in to the first episode as you would expect.

Favorites in this episode – Arya, Jon, Lyanna, Dany, The Hound, Jaime

I can’t wait until next week!

The opening was Epic and the remainder of the episode was setting up for episode 2. I believe that next week will have even more suspense and action than tonight. What are your thoughts? What were some of your favorite scenes? What do you think will happen next week? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!

-Luna 🙂




  1. Omg, yes! Awesome post. The premier had such a solid opening. Like the first few minutes alone had me like “YAAAASSSSS!!!” lol I loved the whole “Tell them the North remembers, and that winter has come for House Frey” bit.
    And I agree, I absolutely love Lyanna Mormont. She’s such a tough little badass and such a great leader already.
    The Hound thing was very interesting. It was interesting to have him see things in the fire like that considering how he’s been afraid of fire all this time. I liked his line about it being his luck that he’d be stuck with a bunch of fire worshipers. lol His growth as a character has been really well done.

  2. I’m thinking he might try to bring her a dragon, but I gave no clue how Euron would get one. The show doesn’t have the Dragon Binder horn. I will be pissed if Tyrion is killed by Euron. Or he might bring her Ellaria and the Sand Snakes, which would get vengeance for Myrcella and completely get rid of Dorne.

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