WWE Great Balls of Fire Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! Tomorrow will be the Great Balls of Fire (I will never lke the name of this event lol) PPV event exclusive for RAW! Every Saturday before the WWE events, I will post a previews and predictions post detailing who I think will be victorious during the event. On the last predictions post, I believe I predicted all of the matches correctly, so I’m looking to sweep again this time around! Let’s get into the event!

Enzo Versus Big Cass: Yup, you’re read that right! If you haven’t been watching the past 3 weeks of Monday Night Raw, you had no idea that the iconic and comical team of Enzo and Cass is NO MORE! The Duo was attacked one monday night and upon an investigation, we found out that Big Cass was not attacked! He faked it and attacked his former best friend and tag team partner; Enzo. I can’t say that I am surprised, if you remember back, the Club Gallows and Anderson were constantly telling Cass that Enzo was bringing him down. There was even one time where Cass had a slight glance at Enzo, plus I feel as if this falls in line with my theory that The Club, The Shield and The Wyatt Family will eventually become the 3 major factions (it’s a long shot but hey). Prediction: I love Enzo and you want for him to win, but I feel like Cass is going to dominate him and cement a heel turn.


Tag Team Championship Match: The tag team championship match will be between the champions Sheamus and Cesaro versus the Hardy Boyz. This is the title re-match that the Hardyz are owed after their defeat in the Steel cage match.  This match will be another specialty match as it will be an Ironman 30 minute match. This feud has been going on since Wrestlemania and it’s a little stale for me(although I don’t mind watching teh Hardyz or Sheamus and Cesaro wrestle). Prediction: Sheamus and Cesaro have to retain, but I wonder if there will be some interference in the match…


Raw Women’s Championship Match: The Raw Women’s match will be between champion and “Goddess” Alexa Bliss versus the Boss Sasha Banks. After Alexa beat Bayley, it was Sasha’s turn to try and take down the ever confident and ever  manipulating champion in Alexa. Sasha has beaten Alexa Bliss in 1 on 1 and even 2 on 1 (the 2nd person being Nia Jax) competition so I wouldn’t be surprised if this match goes the Boss’ way. Prediction: Alexa Bliss retains. Somehow, she retains.


Bray Wyatt versus Seth Rollins: The feud between so called “god” Bray Wyatt and the Kingslayer Seth Rollins will collide with the 2 icons of the new era facing off. Bray Wyatt has been up to it again with his normal tricks and ambushes, however, the Architect has been dishing out some surprises of his own. No doubt this is going to be a great match and in my mind has the potential to be one of the best matches of the night. Predictions: I can’t bet against my husband Seth, Seth Rollins for the win!


Romans Reigns vs Braun Strowman Ambulance Match- so there’s going to be an ambulance match lol. Should be fun to watch. I love the feud between these 2 Superstars and I think this match has great potential. I will say that I think Braun’s character is a little cowardly versus Roman Reigns. He always attack from behind and he seems to step down from a fight some times (maybe it’s just me or my bias lol). Prediction: Roman Reigns, I love him and I want him to win.


Intercontinental Championship Match: The IC Title match will be between champion The Miz and Dean Ambrose… again. I’m a little tired of these 2 going at it as they were fighting over the IC title on Smackdown before the Superstart Shake-up. I honestly have no other opinions on this match as we know the hitory on it (since it has been massively played out). Predictions: The Miz retains I guess.


Crusierweight Championship Match: The King of teh Cruiserweights, Neville will take on Akira Tozawa for the championship. Tozawa, also being sponsored by Titus Brand Worldwide (rofl) has been a thorn in the champions side. Honestly, I’m ready for Neville to lose the championship and I hope Tozawa is the one to end his reign. I’m waiting for the WWE Universe to laugh at Neville (Ha, Ha Ha HAHAHAHAHHA lol). Prediction: Tozawa pleaseeeeeee winnnnnn.


Universal Championship Match: The main event will be the Beast Brock Lesner taking on the challenger and Destroyer Samoa Joe! Samoa (ughh) won the fatal 5-way at the last Raw PPV event and becase the number 1 contender for the Universal Championship. Remember when the Undertaker and Lesner went at it? How it was muy dramatica? Same thing this time around. Superstars were pulling them off of each other and holding them back, ramping up to the event.

Predictions: I hate Samoa Joe but I want him to win. Brock having the title is stupid, he doesn’t even wrestle consistently. Plus I have this scheme and dream that my husband will beat Samoa and take the championnship lol.

These are some of my predictions for the Great Balls of Fire PayPerView. What are yours? Which macthes are you loioking forward to? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂




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