WWE 30 Day Challenge: Day 7!

Happy Friday Novas! I hope you’re having a fantastic day and that your weekend will be even better! I’m in a very bubbly mood right now as I have nailed the presentation at work this morning and I feel as though a path has been lit for my ultimate goal! Promotion here I Come!!!!!! Anyways, the 30 blogging challenge allows you to  post each day about a specific topic and the question for that corresponding day! We are on day #7 of the WWE challenge and I can’t wait for the Great Balls of Fire PPV this Sunday (yes that’s the real name of the PPV) lol. I will post a preview and predictions post tomorrow as normal!

The Shield vs Everyone- The debacle started on  SmackDown when Triple H told the Shiled that they were getting out of hand and needed to learn respect. He told them, they would have a surprise match as the main event. The Shield waited in the ring while the 11 Superstars scheduled for the “Match” walked out from behind the Titantron. As hard as the Shield fought, they were too many sUperstars for the team and they fell. Fast forward to Monday Night Raw! The offical 11 on 3 Match was set for the main event, but the Shield looked to even the score. They attactked some members of that match throughout the night leaving only 5 Superstars to face the team of 3.  Needless to say the Shield came out victorious and it was a great match!

Finn Balor vs Nakamura- Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura have fought a few times in NXT. There’s one match in particular that stood out was one of Balor’s last matches in NXT. This match had everythign you could want out of a wrestling match; tricks, hard hitting moves and great sync between the athletes. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of the highlights for the match.

I’m sure there’s plenty more matches that I live, especially from the Attitude Era, but it’s hard to choose just one or remember them all on the spot! What are some of your favorite matches? Do you remember any of these iconic matches? Let’s Talk WWE!



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