WWE 30 Day Challenge: Day 6!

Happy Thursday Novas! Welcome to day 6 in the 30-day blogging challenge. The rules are simple, write a post daily for 30 days on the selected topics and corresponding days.

Today’s Topic: Favorite PayPerView

I’ve already read ShinyLightz’ post and he decided today his favorite pay-per-view event. I will name my favorite pay per view and favorite event. Starting with my favorite pay-per-view. I’ve written about this previously during WrestleMania week in April. So it’s no surprise that my favorite pay-per-view is Survivor Series. I’m definitely a fan of the traditional 5 on 5 matches and the event is different.

My favorite PPV event has to be Extreme Rules when the Shield battles Evolution! This match was crazy and I had to go back and watch it on the network (Because I wasn’t watching back then). Another great PPV event is definitely NXT Takeover Brooklyn. You were able to see Finn Balor defend his championship in his full demon get-up and the women’s Iron man match was Epic!

What’s your favorite PPV events? Let’s talk WWE!

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