Another 30 Day Challenge!!!!!

Happy Tuesday and Independence Day Novas! Thank you for tuning in to today’s post! As you can see from the title, the month of July will be filled with daily answers to the new 30 day challenge. Thank you to ShinyLightz for blogging about it and peaking my interest. This blogging challenge will be about one of my favorite subjects; WWE! I wanted to post about this on Monday but I had already posted a few topics. Today I will answer the 1st 4 questions and then every day I will answer a new question! Let’s start with the list for the month.

wwe challenge

Day 1: Fav Current RAW Wrestler!

Well this is easy. Many of you will already know the answer to this question. My favorite RAW wrestler is none other than Seth “Freakin” Rollins! Rollins has been my favorite wrestler since I came back to watching WWE in 2015. I was on a hiatus for about 10 years lol and decided to come back to wrestling. Upon my return, Rollins was Mr. Money in the Bank and his wit quickly pulled me in. My brother Kenny, thought I would be in love with Dean Ambrose (maybe he thinks I’m crazy lol) and while I like Ambrose, Rollins was the star for me. I will say I had a bit of a bobble when Finn Balor was drafted to RAW… I was like who is my favorite now! While Finn comes in a very close 2nd, I’m still ride or Die for the The Architect, The Man, The Undisputed Future; The Kingslayer Seth Rollins!

Kingslayer in Gold, Finn in Black!

Day 2: Fav Current Smackdown Wrestler

This answer would have been Dean Ambrose before the Superstar Shake-up. Now I would have to say, who am I kidding, Hands down the king of Strong Style Shinsuke Nakamura! After Nakamura I would say Naomi (I never liked her until her re-brand with Feel The Glow). Nakamura has charisma, he has swagg, let’s face it he is the Japanese Michael Jackson! Nakamura is hands down my favorite Smackdown Wrestler. Notable mention will be Tye Dillenger, I mean he’s a perfect 10!

Day 3: Fav Current NXT Wrestler

ember  Here I could go left and say Bobby Roode but he’s not my favorite. With the Superstar Shake-up and the draft all of my favorites have climbed their way to the main roster. There’s really not many (really no-one) left for me to root for. But there are 3 women that blow my mind; Ember Moon, Asuka and Nikki Cross. These 3 women have been tearing up the scene and I love each one. Asuka is so dominant, her character is changing a bit and I’m not that much of a fan but she is outstanding. Ember Moon is amazing using more high flying moves than I’ve seen from a woman wrestler (other than Lita) and Nikki Cross…. I love her because she’s bat crazy!  Picking my favorite, I’m rolling with Ember Moon!

Day 4- Fav Current Cruiserwight

Ahhhh… This is a good one. There’s TJP, Rich Swann and Austin Aries. I also love up-comer Mustafa Ali. TJP was the person I wanted to win the inaugural Cruiserwight Classic tournament last year so I love him. His moves are fresh and I love the Dab. Rich is amazing with his somersaults and kick-flips, he’s very entertaining. The same can be said about Mustafa and Aries… well I love a cocky, confident wrestler! I’m going to give some love to the new buck, Mustafa welcome to my “Favorites” club!

These are the first 4 days of the 30 day challenge! What are some of your favorites! Feel free to join me in the challenge as well! Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna <3


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    1. Hahahahaha lol, SHOCKER!!!! Everyone knows, I pretty much scream it from the rafters. My coworkers know, the blog, Twitter, I’m proud!!!! lol

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