June Replay!

Happy Monday Novas! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Today’s post will be a quick recap of the blog and personal achievements during the month of June! Let’s replay our best moments and lock in our trophies for the ever-changing game of life (video game puns all around) lol. Ready… START!pacman

Achievement #1 – We finally finished reading the fantasy novel, Dark Blood! Not only did we finish it, but we wrote up our 2nd book review! Thank you to everyone (especially my book bloggers) who put me on the track to reading (I’ half-way done with the next book I’ve started :D) Ach2

Achievement #2 – I started back working on my own story and it’s going really well! My co worker recommended this outlining book to me that has really taken my writing to a new level! I was able to put the scenes in order and I actually know what’s going to happen at the end (or somewhat) now. I will start working on completing the story next week after my big meeting at work! Ach2

Achievement #3 – We reached 200 amazing followers! Thank you to anyone who reads the blog and decides, hey, this chick isn’t that crazy, I think I’d like to stay around lol. It’s really incredible and I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I was before but man life… sheesh.. really got busy lol. No worries, I’m trying to find balance in my week to write, blog, read and play games… better get that organizer dusted off lol Ach2

Those are all of the achievements for June (as I wasn’t too active :() but they’re still great conquests to be proud of. So for my achievements I have unlocked the best Trophy ever…

WWE2k18 will feature as the cover my husband SETH ROLLINS!!!!! Best believe I am pre-ordering the collectors edition lol. seth

To finish off the post I will share some of my goals for the month of July!

  • To finish reading The Kingmaker’s Daughter and write a review

  • To finish reading Outlining Your Novel and begin writing the story again!

  • To not get obsessed with Game of Thrones (ughhh that’s going to be tough)

  • To nail this presentation at work!

  • To buy 2 new video games

  • To review 1 game on the blog

  • To post at least 3 times a week

What goals have you reached in June? What are you working towards in the month of July? Let’s talk updates!

-Luna 🙂








    1. Thanks! I was thinking of you last week. My job was playing a tennis match on TV and I was like, I wonder if our feline friend is watching? lol

  1. Nice! Congrats on the achievements! I love the way you chose to showcase them, by the way. 😛
    Omg, cannot wait for GoT!! I wish it was like how it is on netflix and we could just binge watch it all at once. lol

    1. Thank you, I thought it was cute to show the achievements. GoT will be amazing, I’m so excited. My Co workers turned me onto it in January. I binge watched the series on HBO Now.

      1. Oh, nice! Yeah, it’s such an easy show to become addicted to. 🙂 Great story, great (and complex) characters) and layer upon layer of backstory for everything. I love the worldbuilding behind it.

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