Series of The Week: The White Princess

Happy Friday Novas! I hope you are all having a great week! This week’s “Series of the Week” will come from the 8 episode Starz series The White Princess. This series takes places after The White Queen and you can read that review by cliking here! Every other Friday I will provide a review or a current series I am watching, whether it be on Netflix, Hulu or the ancient live television! I will give a brief overview of the show (spoiler free) and my top reasons why you should watch (Play) or why you would want to Skip the show. Let’s get to it.

The White Princess is the on screen adapation of the novel by Phllipa Gregory of the same name. I’m very intrigues with period pieces and The White Princess is a book that I have in my collection. I have yet to read this book (currently reading the Kingmaker’s Daughter that happens during the same time) so I can’t say how much is deviates, but let’s go based on what we know. The series begins where The White Queen ends with the battle of Henry VII and Richard III. Henry and the Lancasters win so Henry stays true to his promise of marrying the York Princess of Elizabeth (Lizzie) to unite the feuiding houses.


Lizzie is the daughter of former King Edward IV and niece of the slayed King Richard III. She despises the Tudor King and vows to take vengence on him for her family, yet she marries him out of duty. The series follows the historical timeline of their struggles as husband and wife, King and Queen and Lizzie’s varying feelings towards the new King. The series is filled with everything you would expect from a period piece; Drama, Romance, Scandal and Treason! When you step into the royal court, you have to decipher who amongst you is trustworthy and who is not plotting to get something. Who will rise by the couple? Who will try to tear them apart? and will their love blossom as the Tudor Rose is installed? These are the questions answered and the different degrees of conflict arising in The White Princess.


  • To see England before Elizabeth I and Henry VIII (Henry is the second son of Lizzie and Henry VII)
  • Drama and Historical Fiction told at it’s finest level
  • Excellent acting and portrayals


  • Not a fan of historical dramas
  • I’m realllll biased… Watch It! Lol

Check out the official trailer below:

Thank you for reading this week’s Series post! Have you watched any period pieces or specifically The White Princess/Queen? What’s you favorite time period to read about or watch? Let’s Talk TV!

-Luna 🙂



  1. we watched that recently. Really enjoyed the series. My wife picked up on the actress playing the mother of the king as being the same as the mother of the Stark children in Game of THrones

    1. Oh yeaaaaa she is lol. I loved it, wish there were more episodes but they only covered what happened in the book. Thanks for commenting and enjoy your weekend!

    1. You re welcome! It’s amazing and I was intrigued the whole way through, plus it’s a quick watch. Only 8 episodes.

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