30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition: Day 12!

Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for tuning in to today’s blogging challenge post. By now you know the rules but if not, we are participating in a daily writing challenge. Each day, for 30 days, bloggers will post about the topic of the day (refer to the 1st post to view the entire month’s questions). Let’s get into today’s topic!

Day 12 – A game everyone should play

Now, I’ve already answered this question before in the Video Game Tag that we’ve created (click here to read post!). Since there are so many video games to play, I can definitely recommend some more. I’ve had to think about this question because I didn’t want to mention games that I have already posted about. One game I think that everyone should play is Minecraft on PC. I’m sure you know about the game phenomenon Minecraft by no. It is available on consoles, handhelds and PC’s but everyone should play the PC version.

Why PC Minecraft? – While I do prefer console gaming, Minecraft is one of the exceptions to the rule. PC Minecraft is amazing because there’s so much you can do on it compared to consoles. Minecraft is a sandbox game in which the community can create maps, games, servers and more for others to enjoy. I’ve played games like the Blocking Dead survival (get it, get it), Block Party (which is essentially musical chairs) , Hunger Games and even Hide N Seek! You can play group games like factions, have scavenger hunts or just lay a good ole survival game. Playing on PC also allows you to insert mods, custom skins and texture packs for your games (I’m currently playing on the My Little Pony texture lol). It’s just amazing and there’s so many games and servers to play on. One of my favorite experiences was playing on a Mianite Fan Server.


Mianite was a YouTube survival multiplayer series by Syndicate, Jericho, Captain Sparklez and more. It was a daily series that I watched on YouTube so when a fan server came out, I had to play (and record some episodes lol). Pretty much you joined a god’s team: Mianite god of good, Ianite goddess of justice and balance or Dianite god of evil. Based on your joined team, you would try to use those core values when playing (I was Ianite). It was really fun! Here’s one of my mini games recorded a few years ago.

That’s my answer for today’s topic. Have you played Minecraft on PC? What’s your recommendation for a game that everyone should play? Let’s talk games!

-Luna 🙂




YouTube (Scoobygirl).



    1. Not really, I play on my laptop (nothing special) and it runs pretty well on there. Well the basic mods do. I haven’t tried the crazier stuff hahaha.

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