30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition: Day 8!

Happy Thursday Novas! I’m cheating on this answer as well because I don’t want to repeat games that have already talked about. Trying to keep it a little diverse here. Oe of the features that make’s video games amazing are the memories that we associate with them. One of the most powerful forms of association is the integration of music, more specifically the soundtracks in the video game. Let’s see what today’s topic is.

Day 8 – Best soundtrack.

I  rockband  would say the game with the best soundtrack is Rock Band 2. Yes, this is a cop out answer because it has hundreds of songs in the library that you can download and play. Rock Band 2 had so many fantastic songs from some of my favorite artists. Between rock band and guitar hero games, my spotify has songs that are so nostalgic to me. Some of the songs I’ve first heard on the video games. It’s funny because I was listening to Can’t be Saved in the car and I just moved my hands as if I were playing the guitar. It was a great feeling.

My real answer to this question would probably be oblivion,  fable 2 or super Mario 64. These games have amazing soundtracks to me. Starting with Oblivion. I love how the music in the town differed from music in the dungeon. Even in ESO now, you will have great music throughout the game that will have you feeling happy, anxious or scared for your life. The subtle shifts in the music is what makes games great for us to play.

Fable 2 is the same way. When you’re going through the village, the music is calming and warm. You can feel the community atmosphere. When you’re learning new abilities the music changes to a more determined theme. When you’re fighting monsters a more heroic style of music plays. As a gamer, your style of play adjusts to the music that you are hearing as well.

Lastly, Super Mario 64! I can still hear the music in Peach’s castle after completing a level. It’s so uplifting and fun. You feel as if you want to explore and play around with Mario’s different jumps (ya, yahoo,  whoopie) lol. Playing the dark levels where you would encounter Bowser or a boss fight was epic. The shift in the musics undertones allowed you to get in the competitive mind frame. You start to feel the adrenaline pumping, your hands my become clamy, hearts racing… its amazing! Check out my favorite song below!

Those are my picks for the best soundtracks. I’ve stayed true to games that I’ve actually played. I’ve watched gameplay for Dark Souls, Dragon Age and Bloodbourne, but since I haven’t played it myself I won’t mention them. Also notable games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have amazing soundtracks, but again I haven’t played these games. Which video games do you think have the best soundtracks? Let’s talk video game music!

-Luna 😁

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YouTube: GilvaSunner


    1. It was my first Elder Scrolls Game and I was in love with it! I remember being in the Thieves Guild, Fighting Guild and Dark Brotherhood at 1 time. It was hilarious. My anxiety was through the roof trying not to get caught haha.

      1. Same! Oblivion was my first Elder Scrolls game. I’ll never forget coming out of the sewer and just being amazed about how big and open the world was.

      2. I knowwww… it was a great feeling especially because you could play missions at your leisure or just walk around causing havoc!!

    1. I know, this song brings back so many memories. I have a smile instantly on my face lol. 🙂 Nostalgia is the best sometimes!

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