Creative Writing Pt. 3 The Discovery

Happy Wednesday Novas! I know this post is longggg overdue, but here is part 3 of my 4 part creative writing series. You can check out parts 1 and 2 by clicking the respective links at the bottom.of the post. For all of my new Novas and to refresh your memory, this series allows me to create a story from pictures sent to me by a friend. We have agreed to create a story comprises of 4 pictures. Here’s today’s picture.

Kyrie blinks his eyes repeatedly searching for the voice that told him he could never leave. With his go pro in hand, Kyrie decides that now is the time to record the events in the house as he knows no one would ever believe his story. Kyrie starts by grabbing a candlestick holder. He reaches in his pocket searching for a lighter. “You don’t smoke. What are you doing?” He says to himself. Kyrie has a flash of a memory. He could feel the smoke filling his lungs. The heat feels all to real as his core is warmed by the ash. Kyrie exhales and the clouds of smoke starts to take form as a shape. A face of a girl. At that moment Kyrie feels the cold metal of the lighter and wakes from his trance. Drenched in sweat Kyrie reaches in his pocket and pulls out the lighter.

With the candle lit, our friend looks up and starts mapping out his path. He takes a step on the winding staircase. Then another. Kyrie swivels the candlestick from left to right revealing the cracks in the walls. “The walls look like marble. ” he acknowledges.  The pictures on the wall are taking form. First they’re there, then they’re not. The staircase is lit; the staircase is dark. Everything’s changing on him, but he manages to reach the top floor.

He starts hearing the same chime as before. It’s echoing and directing him towards the room on the right at the end of the hall. The paint in the hallway’s faded; then its not. The house is silent and now it’s not. The chime is still going but now he hears a radio,  laughter and can smell fresh bread baking. “Am I going crazy?” Kyrie finally makes it to the room. He sets the candlestick down on the floor and looks around. The chiming has stopped. Kyrie spots a newspaper in the corner and picks it up. The dust is messing with his allergies and he sneezes releasing excess dust in the air. The sneeze brings to light the a revelation. The horror he’d witness in the piano room and the reason why he is here. The blood is all on Kyrie’s hand and this time it’s not a hallucination!

What did you think of the 3rd part of the story? Are you starting to piece together what’s happening? What do you think will happen in the conclusion? Let’s talk creative writing!

-Luna 😁


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