30 Day Challenge Video Game edition: Day 7!

Happy Wednesday Novas! Thank you for stopping by on our 30 day blogging challenge journey! I’m switching up today’s post just a tad, so let’s see what the topic is!
Couples! The twist that I’m bringing to today’s post will be to blog about my favorite video game “Duos” instead of couples. There’s been historic duos that we all know and love. The best duos to me in video games are the ones that compliment each other well. You know the duos that work so well in tandem that any task can be completed.  Those duos! I’m going to skip common duos like Sonic and Tails or Mario and Luigi because we know they’re awesome!

Day 7 – Favorite game couple

My first duo that I love is Banjo and Kazooie from well Banjo and Kazooie! Playing Banjo and Kazooie and Banjo To lie on Nintendo 64 was awesome growing up. I was able to beat all of the levels myself and I love the combination or Banjo’ s strength matches with Kazooie’ s agility and flight.


Cole Train and Baird! There’s no secret on my blog that I’m a hugeeee Gears of War fan. From the GOW franchises story mode a great friendship has developed between Cole and Baird. Baird is the intelligent weapons expert while Cole Train is the Brawn. He runs straight into every battle like “Leeroyyyyyy Jenkinsssss.” Cole was a pro football player before E Day so his speed, strength and agility is unmatched. I love the snarky comments each make within the franchise and their snippets when killing locusts. Cole and Baird are the unsung heroes of Gears of War to me. Vulgar language inbound on these clips. GOW has obscene language and violence.

Johnny Gat and Pierce from Saints Row are a pretty awesome duo. Gat is the leader, mentor and total awesome character of the Saints whole Pierce is the comic relief! I love doing missions with Pierce and Gat because driving in a car and listening to them bicker is the best. I’m between the missions you can listen to full conversation and interactions between both characters. For that fact Shaundi and Pierce are a great duo as well.


My last duo will be the annoying creeper and skeleton duo in Minecraft. The skeletons take all of your attention by shooting you with bows while the creepers sneak up behind you! I would rather fight any other combination of 2 mins than creepers and skellies.

What do you think of the duos I’ve highlighted today? Which duos are your favorites? Let’s talk video game duos!

-Luna 😁🎮🎮

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  1. I am always so impressed with the detail you share from your games. As a non-gamer, I learn so much from what you share and I am not ashamed to admit that I use that info to impress my students. Thanks for being one of my sources for coolness. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I just try to talk about why I love games and anything else. It’s my relaxation place and I’m always open to share. 😁

    1. Yes the first was my favorite as well. I didn’t care for Nuts & Bolts that much but it’s still a great franchise!

      1. Yeah, I only ever played the 2 on the N64. I heard disappointing things regarding Nuts & Bolts and it’s like my brain blocks that game out completely. lmao 😛

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