30 Day Challege Gamers Edition: Day 4!

Happy Sunday Novas! We’re staying strong with our 30 day blogging challenge. Feel free to join along with us and blog daily with your answers! Check out Day 1 & 2 answers to the questions of “My Very First Video Game” and “My Favorite Video Game Character.” Also look at yesterday’s “Underrated Game” post at the bottom. Now on to today’s topic.

Day 4- Your Guilty Pleasure Game!

This answer actually comes pretty easily to me. Think about it. Which game would you load hours upon hours of time into up until the point that you completing block out reality? Which game makes living a life, going to work and mingling with friends super fun? For me it’s The Sims! No matter which version of the sims I play (currently playing Sims 4 on PC),  when I get rolling on this crazy game, I’m GONEEEEE! I build houses, I create, make and break families, literally the sky’s the limit for me lol.

What makes the Sims franchise so addicting? Personally I believe you are able to live the life you want or life that you wouldn’t want to live. It’s like you are able to control your own destiny! I’m a Taurus, so if you follow  astrological personality traits, you would know that us Taureans love to be in control.  If you’ve never played the Sims then you will look at the game and probably say “Why would I want to pretend to have a life?” That was me, trust me! Once I played the game the appeal of getting promotions or living off of other sims, even the occasional sim going all “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” was so much fun.

How do you play? Playing is as simple as creating your household and selecting a starter house to move in to.  You can spend anywhere from 10 minutes too 30 minutes customizing your household which can consist of 1 character, 2 characters or an entire family! During this process you are also able to give your Sims 4 personality traits (insert mischievous face here :p ). You can make your Sims lovable, mean, funny, or a mix of everything! Take caution that the traits will affect your Sims and the way they react to situations.

Forum The Sims

After creating your Sim and selecting your house you play! You can socialize, find a job to make money and more. Like any game you are able to upgrade your Sims career by completing the tasks required and going to work happy! Let’s say you’re in the athletic field, your tasks may be to increase your fitness level to 3 and go to work happy to receive a promotion. You will also make sure your Sim is well cared for by attending to their needs according to their moodlets.


I love that this game can be different each time you play due to the countless customization options, as well as the DLC available. There;s DLC that allow you to work at more professions, there’s DLC that provides additional items for your character, you can also receive nightclub privileges and more. The Get To Work  DLC allows you to own stores and make more money.

sims 4

Writing this post is only making me want to play the Sims more! So my co- workers and I have decided to make a YouTube series of our team at work via the Sims. This is going to be amazing and I’ll keep you all updated of course! Anyway, yes The Sims is a guilty pleasure that I thoroughly enjoy. Being able to control your sim is awesome, trust me!

Thank you for reading today’s challenge post! If you would like to read the other posts in this challenge then make sure to click down below! Have you played any of The Sims video games? What is your favorite thing to do when playing? What’s your guilty pleasure game? Let’s talk Day 4 Challenge!

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-Luna 🙂



  1. The Sims definitely is a guilty pleasure for me! There’s something about sinking hours into making the perfect little sim people rather than actually improving myself that makes it that extra bit guilty… 😀

    1. Exactly!!!! I’m about to start playing the sims again after work lol. Responding to this question made me want to start playing again haha. Thank you for commenting!

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