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Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for reading today’s recap post from last night’s Raw Exclusive Pay Per View event; Payback! You can read my prediction post by clicking here. Payback was the first event after Wrestlemania 33. Some of the story lines that developed after the ultimate thrill ride met up here at Payback. Let’s get into the matches!

Kickoff Show- The kickoff show is where the night’s events are broken down by analysts. On this show we seen a match between tag teams Enzo and Cass versus The Club Gallows and Anderson. I didn’t do a prediction for this match since it was a kickoff match, but I was really happy when Enzo and Cass won!

Also in the kickoff show we had Finn Balor as a special guest on Miz TV with the Miz and Maryse. After our hosts being denied entrance into the Balor Club (by the wwe universe and Finn Balor) the insults rained down unto Balor.  pb7  Results: Finn Balor derails Miz TV and shuts the Miz up!

United States Championship Match- The first match up was between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. This match had a few glimpses of Wrestlemania where KO survived the Walls of Jericho by the TIP of his fingers lol. This match went the way I predicted and ushered in a new member of Smackdown.  pb6   Results: Chris Jericho wins the United States Championship!

Crusierweight Championship Match- The next match up on the card was the Cruiserweight Championship match between King of the Cruiserweights Neville and the ever confident Austin Aries. If you recall these 2 met at Wrestlemania where Neville clawed at Aries’ eyes to retain his title. After Aries winning a #1 Contender match versus Jack Gallagher, TJP and Mustafa Ali (one of my new favorite cruiserweights) he set his sights back on the champion. My predictions were semi correct in this match.  pb5  Results: Austin Aries Wins!!!!! …. by disqualification so he is not the champion -_-. Well played Neville!

Raw Tag Team Championship Match- The Raw Tag Team Champions the Hardy Boyz faced Sheamus and Cesaro in a match for the titles. This match was entertaining and after the “Sportsmanship” each team had shown each other the past 2 weeks on Raw you expected it to be a graceful exchange… or not. My prediction was pretty much spot on for this match. Results: The Hardy Boyz retain their titles… but Sheamus and Cesaro attack them after the match solidifying them as a Heel team.

Raw Women’s Championship Match- Up next was a match that I was really eager to see. The Women’s Championship match between new Raw Superstar Alexa Bliss and the champ Bayley. I love Bayley but I actually like Alexa Bliss more. Here character suits her really well as a Heel and I’m super happy with the decision to change from a Face (Back in NXT) to a Heel character. There’s too many “Face” Superstars with titles right now so I’m not surprised by Alexa Bliss having a title shot. Prediction’s correct again.  pb3   Results: Alexa Bliss is the new Raw Women’s Champion!

Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe- It’s funny that the card for this Pay Per View thrusted all of the title matches first and saved the closing matches to non title, straight up brawls. My husband Seth Rollins defeated Triple H at Wrstlemania on his way to a new “Face” role at WWE. The path to redemption has to go through The Destroyer; Samoa Joe who made his debut onto the main roster by attacking The Architect on behalf of Triple H. This match has been brewing over the weeks and culminated with Samoa Joe locking in the Cocina Clutch on Rollins. My predictions held strong.  pb8  Results: Seth Rollins for the Win! F=Via rolling over and pinning Joe while he had the sleeper hold in rofl! Brains over Brawn prevails! 

House of Horrors Match- The long awaited rematch between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt was pretty good. The House of Horrors match consisted of both Superstars meeting in well a creepy house to fight. They tore down the walls of the house and took us through the different rooms with haunting memories and dolls? lol. It was a pretty good match but it really could have taken place in the ring as I wasn’t that impressed with the “House” element.  pb2   Anyway Results: Bray Wyatt defeats Randy Orton.

Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns- The main event was the Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman match. This match probably excited the WWE Universe the most becuase they want to see Roman beat down. I wasn’t really feeling this match but probably becuase I was upset lol. So you know the outcome (even though I wished my prediction would be rigt lol).  pb1  Results: Braun Strowman destroys Roman. Happy now WWE?

The event was pretty good and entertaining to me. I’ve enjoyed the matches and most of my predictions were correct. What did you think of the event? What were your favorite matches or not so favorite moments? What do you think will happen now on tonight’s Monday Night Raw? Let’s talk WWE?

-Luna 🙂


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  1. I was surprised that Jericho won, especially as KO tapped, it’s been ages since anyone tapped to The Walls of Jericho.

    Happy that Strowman won, I’m not a Reigns hater, I actually like him but Braun needed the win especially if he’s going to challenge Brock at Great Balls of Fire, still can’t believe that’s a PPV name!😂

    1. Rofl I know. I figured Jericho would win but by making KO tap was a shocker to me as well.

      I’m waiting for Finn to turn on Seth, I really am. I can feel it brewing like I did with the Sheamus and Cesaro match lol.

      I really enjoyed the pay per view but it wasn’t that exciting. The House of Horrors match could have been better in my opinion.

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