March Loot Crate Unboxing!

Happy Thursday Novas! This is a delayed post because I did not have time to upload the pictures, but this is Lootcrate Unboxing for March’s: Future Tech Theme! Because I am subscribed to Lootcrate’s emails (because I have the WWE SlamCrate’s every other month) I frequently receive awesome email offers. On St. Patrick’s Day there was an email for 50% off of the regular Lootcrate and Lootcrate DX… SIGN ME UP!!!! So I did the 3 month Subscription which came out to like $30 bucks. By the end of the month my crate arrived! This is what I’ve received:


Primal Rage T-Shirt:  20170330_204517 Every Lootcrate box will contain T -Shirt. For this month’s theme we received a shirt from the Overwatch Character Winston! I do not play Overwatch often but from what I have played Winston was one of my favorite characters. Definitely rated 5 out of 5 for this shirt. Side Note: In the WWE Slamcrate’s the T-Shirt material is a little better and sturdier then the light mesh material the standard crates come with.

Logan/ Wolverine Figure:  20170330_204535 Each Lootcrate box will also contain some type of collectible figure, whether it be a Funko Pop or Die Cast! This month’s figure was an awesome Logan figure (1 of 3) that is going to sit perfectly on my Pop display! Definitely 5 out of 5 with this figure.

Jurassic World Warning Sign:  20170330_204628 Every wanted the Electric Fence Sign that is displayed in Jurassic World? Welp, this item was included in this month’s crate.Not bad actually, but I would have wanted this in Highschool to tell people to stay out of my room :D. I actually gave this to my brother who LOVESSSSSS Jurassic Park and he put it up on his door lol. I would rate the warining sign 3 out 5.

Predator Bottle Opener: 20170330_204556 There were 2 variants available for the Predator Bottle Opener that you were able to receive. I’ve received the standard version which looks better in my opinion so I’m excited. Since I don’t really drink beer or anything, I’m not sure when I would use the bottle opener but I love the Predator so I was happy regardless. I would rate the bottle opener 4 out of  because I loveeeee the Predator lol.

Pin:  20170330_204615 You also tend to receive Pins in the Lootcrates. This month’s pin was a smiley face with a primal claw coming through the center. It says it unlocks something so I will put the code in and see what it does. I’m back lol. so the pin unlocked a game called “Party on Your Forehead” which is a mobile game. I’ll download it and if it’s any good I’ll do a review on it next week!

The last thing to mention about the Lootcrates are the cool boxes in which your items are delivered. With this being my first standard Lootcrate, I was surprised to see the Dinosaur contained inside.  20170330_204648  All in all I was happy with thecontents in this month’s lootcrate. As with the Slam Crate my shameless self promotion will be plugged in here ahhaha. If you want to try out a subscription use my code to get 10% off!

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Thank you for checking out my Lootcrate Unboxing! For the month of April I will have 2 unboxings; 1 for the WWE SlamCrate and 1 for the traditional Lootcrate. Have a great day!

-Luna 🙂


  1. Cool! I like that the loot crates come in snazzy boxes like that. 🙂 You got some really neat stuff. I love that Predator bottle opener. 😛

    1. Yes i love them. Actually I have yet to throw away any of the lootcrate boxes. they’re just so pretty lol. Thank you for reading and Happy Easter!

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