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Happy Sunday Novas! My apologies again for being MIA last week, but you know WRESTLEMANIA!!!!! So now I’m easing back into normalcy L and there will be a few posts this week! I hope that you have all had a fantastic weekend and let’s get to the posts!

Monday 4/10/17:  March Rewind! (Update on what happened with the blog in March!)

Tuesday 4/11/17 : Creative Writing Pt. 2 (The Curse)

Wednesday 4/12/17:  Lootcrate Unboxing!

Thursday 4/13/17: Is She Crazy: The RESULTS!!!

Friday 4/14/17 :  Netflix Series of the Week: 13 Reason Why

Starting off a little slow this week but this is what I have planned. I will also start doing more writing and pieces during the week to ease back into blogging.  I look forward to catching up with everyone! Have a great week!


-Luna 😀


      1. Pretty good, thanks! 😀 It was a nice lazy weekend with my boyfriend. I think I really needed some down time since things have been so busy lately. We binge watched the latest season of Shameless since Showtime had shows up for free this weekend. 🙂 Oh! Speaking of binge-watching, we recently had watched the Santa Clarita Diet and I’d been meaning to tell you! It was hilarious. 😛 It was so funny!

      2. Awesome! I’m glad that you had a great time. Yes, I really enjoyed that series and I’m happy you were able to watch it as well lol.

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