My Favorite Wrestlers of All Time!

Happy Monday Novas! I think I like the sound of that lol. Anyways, I have been ranting and raving about Wrestlemania being held in my hometown of Orlando, Florida, so to pay tribute to this event, my posts this week will heavily focus on the WWE! To kick the week off, today’s post will go over some of my Favorite Wrestlers of all time! Many of these may not come as a surprise (Yes, Seth Rollins is on the list lol) but maybe some of them will. Let’s get started with my number 1!

Stone Cold Steve Austin – My number 1 favorite wrestler is Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Texas Rattle Snake is one of the reasons that I started watching WWE (then WWF). I remember some classic battles between Stone Cold and Mankind, The Rock, DX and of course the Chairman Vince Mcmahon. The Attitude Era for many was the best Era because boundaries were pushed, lines were drawn and everyone held that “Down With The Corporation” attitude. Punk Rock was becoming more and more relevant and Stone Cold to me is the Poster Boy for rebellion.  stone.gif He wasn’t really a Heel, he definitely wasn’t a face, but he did what was best for him. If that meant inadvertently recusing Stephanie McMahon from the Undertaker or filling Vince’s car with cement, Stone Cold has solidified his position as a WWE Legend and deserves the crowning spot on my list!

Rey Mysterio Jr– Rey Mysterio was maybe my 1st introduction to the high flying Luchador style. As a kid my brother and I used to marvel at the screen when Rey Mysterio would hit high flying moves and his signature 619. From there I’ve regarded Lucahdor wrestling as the entertaining acrobatics of the wrestling.

Seth Rollins- Well, well, well… Seth Rollins is the man. I have recently pulled myself back into watching the WWE. I’ve stopped watching around 2002 or so. Maybe 2 years ago I started watching again due to prompting by me to start watching NXT and Raw again. My brother just knew that I would like Dean Ambrose (Which I did)  Entrance (Rollins)  but when Seth Rollins’ character came out (then holding the Money in the Bank case) there was a sparkle with the way he did his promos and the persona that he took on that was very believable.

The Rock – “Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking?” (Play my theme song lol). Probably the most recognized Super Star (Along with John Cena) to people who do not watch wrestling is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I remember watching his special “Becoming The Rock” on the WWE Network and hearing how he wanted to be a Heel and make fans despised him. He continued that no matter what he did, the crowds loved him and always chanted his catch phrases. The Rock makes eating Pie inappropriate, he’s invented the “Roody Poo, Candy …”  and he knows how to “Just Bring It.”giphy

The Undertaker- The Undertaker used to be number 2 on my all time list but he has fallen down a bit in the rankings. I remember great moments like the Undertaker appearing out of the shadows or riding his Harley to the ring. Til this day I believe that the Undertaker’s character was one of if not the best characters in WWE. You know exactly where he stands and you know exactly what he is capable of! The Rock makes eating Pie inappropriate, he’s invented the “Roody Poo, Candy …”

Finn Balor – Finn Balor is extremely close to taking my current wrestler top spot. Going to the Royal Rumble last year I had a terribly hard decision of repping balor or my husband Seth Rollins. Rollins won of course, but the fact that I thought about it was agonizing lol. Anyways, I started noticing Balor when I was watching NXT. At that time he was Champ and watching his entrances, to the way he fought and of course his finisher that looks like it’s crushing in the chest of an opponent had me sold from the beginning.

Hardy Boys –  m7geoh The Hardy Boys to me were the most entertaining Tag Team that has hit the WWE. Of course they were apart of the iconic “Attitude Era,” bringing i that Punk Rock vibe of ripped jeans, colored hair and high flying moves. I still remember some of their matches with Jeff HArdy Flying off of Ladders to crash an opponent into a table. While there are great Tag Teams currently in the WWE, no one can hold a torch to the Hardy’s in my opinion.

These are some of my favorite wrestlers, what are some of yours? do you like more Super Stars in today’s wrestling or the classic legends of the sport? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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  1. I just watched that Moana movie with the Rock in it! 😛 lol I feel so lame talking about Disney movies in a wrestling post, but I don’t know much about wrestling I’m afraid.

    1. No problem at all. I have yet to watch Moana but I hear it’s fantastic! You’ve actually proved my point about the Rock, he is one of the more recognizable Super Stars because of his acting :D. Thanks for your comment, you’re always welcome!

    1. Awesome! I love Rollins and I’m super excited that I have a meet n greet with him Friday for Wrestlemania :D. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Eurgh, Rey Mysterio!😂 Great list, I’d add Ambrose, hbk, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Jericho and Mick Foley, especially as Cactus Jack, when he faced HHH in 2000 as his Cactus Jack persona it was epic.

    1. Yea Shawn Michaels almost made my list, he’s amazing. Yea I prefer Mankind over his other egos lol. That match was amazing though, Cactus Jack has no cares!!!

      1. Ha, I like cowboys and Cactus Jack had the bang bang gun taunt, yeah, I’ve always been so mature!😂 true, Cactus Jack had no cares, but Foley himself is best described as batsh#t crazy!😂

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