Beauty and the Beast 2017 Review!

Happy Sunday friends! I was very exciting when my boyfriend called me and said that we have tickets for Beauty and the Beast opening weekend! A piece of information about me is that I loveeee Beauty and the Beast! Belle is above all others my favorite Disney Princess as I felt that she related to me as a kid. When I heard there was a movie being made, a few things crossed my mind. Firstly was who would play Belle, would the movie stay true to the original, how will the Beast look? All of these questions will be answered in the movie review so let’s get to it! bab1

Story: The setting of course is a little village in France where Belle and her father Maurice live. Belle is a girl wanting to read and escape the boring life that has sought after her for years. The Beast is a Prince who is cursed by an Enchantress for having a cold heart, the only way to break the curse is to fall in love and have someone love him.  To start off the movie, Disney stayed true to the starting of the animation. Belle (Played by Emma Watson) walks through the village to return a book and pick up items from town. Emma is a beautiful singer and the song is EXACTLY the one from the animation! As the opening scenes continue you notice that the townspeople regard Belle as a beautiful, but peculiar girl (as they call her odd, strange and funny while she walks by). You’re immediately introduce to some central characters like her father Maurice and the boastful Gaston, who tries to win her hand in marriage. The opening also bring sin a little of the backstory for the Beast!  bab2

As the story progresses you are reliving your childhood watching how Belle and Beast meets. How the characters in the house like Lumiere and Mrs. Potts interact with Belle and how Gaston tries at every point to make Belle his! Will Belle stop the curse and free the Beast and his servants from their dreadful demise? What I particularly loved was that the movie stayed true to the original animation version and songs , however, it still managed to add in more background information about Belle’s mom and the Beast’s past to make the movie really well rounded!

The Ambience: This movie did an absolutely amazing job with the scenes and feel of the movie. The symphony playing in the background was incredible. Original and new songs were given the right amount emphasis.   For instance, the iconic “Be Our Guest” song performed by  be-our-guest  Lumiere and all of the other servants was really well executed. The song was exactly the same, however, the performance of the song was a little slower than the original version. The version of this song used made me smile from ear to ear as the colors brought out the amazing feeling that Belle had to have felt. Each scene was shot in great lighting and the colors all blended harmoniously with the scene at hand. Listen I was smiling throughout the whole movie. Nostalgia hit me in the gut on this one.

The Characters: In my opinion Disney did a great job in portraying the characters. The actors and actresses really took on their roles and brought you into the story. The Beast (Dan Stevens) was portrayed really well and the costuming wasn’t outrageous. My only critique is while Gaston (Played By Luke Evans ) was pretty good, the appearance of Gaston wasn’t as bulky as I had imagined. Also, Gaston was a simpleton yes, but he wasn’t really villainous until about halfway through the movie. I also think that Belle’s father Maurice didn’t appear as helpless as he did in the animation (Boyfriend and I disagree on this point of view). I was also quite impressed with the amount of diversity in this film. Yes, there were different ethnicities represented that were clearly absent from the animation and it shows a progressive (and more realistic) movie. One of my favorite characters which may be a surprise, was Gaston’s buddy and right hand man Lefou (Josh Gad) lefou . This character was portrayed a little differently from the animation however, he was amazing. He provided the comic relief and the conscious for Gaston.

Check out the trailer here!

All in all I HIGHLY recommend watching Beauty and the Beast! I know I am very bias in that this is my favorite movie as a kid, however, I think that bias also made me critical of what could happen. My expectations were through the moon on this movie and in my opinion it was executed perfectly. There were a few things I scratched my head on like when Belle entered the village at the beginning of the movie she grabbed a loaf of bread, but when she left the bread was gone lol. That’s just a minor thing and Boyfriend didn’t even notice lol. I will tell you that this movie does pull at the heart strings and I wasn’t the only one crying at certain parts.


  • To watch a FANTASTIC reboot of the original Disney animation
  • To see Emma Watson Shine as Belle and bring the character (convincingly) to life
  • The antics of Lefou were amazing and the comedy added in really suit the film
  • Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Chip, Beast and all other servants at the Castle
  • Smiling all the way through with new and original songs


  • If you don’t like Beauty and the Beast (The only reason to skip really)
  • If you don’t like singing throughout the movie (Although it wasn’t overly done)
  • If you don’t want to cry (I’m just saying, even some guys were choked up)

Thank you for reading my EXTREMELY bias review of the new Beauty and the Beast Movie lol. I will end here by saying I wasn’t the only one impressed, at the end of the movie the entire theater stood up and clapped (as we dried our tears).Are you planning to watch the movie? Have you seen it already? Let’s talk Beauty and the Beast! Have a fantastic week!

Luna 🙂


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    1. It was amazing! I think this is one of the best Disney reboots that have been released. Thank you for your comment!

  1. Interesting review. I haven’t seen it but it looks like Disney really took the time to capture the moments from the cartoon movie.

      1. YEs, but I’ve seen a trailer for The Little Mermaid which I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be the Disney version. Hopefully not, because this one takes place in Mississippi and looks very weird lol.

      2. Yes it will. My friend really wants to see a Mulan version, so fingers crossed it’s on the schedule to be produced lol.

  2. I love the film, took my wife to see it last night. I’ve always loved the original Disney rendition, the songs bring back man childhood memories. I thought they captured the wonder of the original film very well.

    My only minor minor criticism however, and alot of films easily fall into this. It is the need to give everything a back story and reason. The inclusion of Agathe I felt was not needed, and having her as part of the intro was one thing, but when the curse was lifted, having Agathe around kind of ruined it. To me when the Beast becomes the prince once again, this to me this should be a moment between Belle and the Beast, and that Belle helped lift the curse, not Agathe. To me in the original, I thought the whole mystery of the curse and not knowing who or what set and lifted it was such a cool element in the original.

    Just a small gripe I had, but otherwise fantastic film.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I thought it was weird when she walked in with the mob and started walking around like she owned the place. Other than that I really enjoyed the movie 🙂

  3. Excellent review of an excellent movie! ^_^ I just got to see it last night and I absolutely loved it too. <3 <3 <3
    This film was definitely made with love and the fans in mind. It rang true to the animated version but the elements of additional backstory as you mentioned were just icing on the cake. 🙂
    And yes! Lefou was awesome in this. I loved his character. I was really impressed with all the actors. Emma Watson as Belle was perfect. I had a smile on my face through most of this as well. And omg the library scene!! 😀

    1. I still smile every time I think about the movie. Boyfriend did a great thing by making sure we had tickets. I know, the little humor and nuances that both Belle and Beast made in that scene and the one’s walking around the castle together were adorable.

      1. Yeah, kudos to your boyfriend. I went with a friend of mine and the first show we tried to see was completely sold out. We wound up getting tickets for a later one and just about every seat was filled for that one too.

  4. I gave this a miss when it was in the cinemas, but your review has tempted me to give it a go. Thanks! Look forward to reading more of your reviews

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