Throwback Tuesday: Fable Series (Video Game)

Hiya Gamers and Friends! Today’s Throwback Tuesday post will feature one of my favorite gaming franchises; Fable! Fable is a Role Playing game series exclusive to Xbox that allows players to choose their own actions and missions as the game progresses. This game was pretty revolutionary as it allowed for a player to make decisions that would adjust the characters look, Notoriety with the townspeople and personality traits. Let’s get into some of my favorite moments and features of the Fable franchise.

Fable- The first release of Fable was in 2004 on the original Xbox.  This story centered on a young hero (whom you could name) who grows up and attempts to save your sister in the fictional land of Albion.  In this original version of Fable I loved that you were able to perform actions such as pick pocketing or stealing that was only noticed if you are caught by a store owner. Funny story, I was introduced to Fable by my brother who never got around to playing. I lovedddd this game and played it all of the time on his Xbox (until I bought my own J ). This was my first experience with a game in where the player’s choices influenced the look of the character. The better choices you made the nicer and more “Angelic” your character looked. The not so great choices you made had your character inheriting scars, a rough demeanor and eventually horns (I never went that far lol)    bad deed.png .  The game also allowed the character to mix combat skills, weapon skills and the integration of magic into your battle style. I loved fighting bandits with my sword and then quickly turning to shock an attacker with the lightning ability.

Fable 2 – Fable 2 is my personal favorite of all of the Fable Series Games and was released on the Xbox 360 Console in October of 2008. Fable 2 starts off similar to the original allowing you to create a hero and journey throughout the land of Albion. The character development of this game surpassed that of the original Fable. What impressed me about Fable 2 the most was that you were now able to create a male or female hero.  This story takes place about 500 years after the events of the 1st game. This title takes the great elements of its predecessor and creates an even more interactive experience for the players. You are able to acquire gold by getting jobs in town such as being a blacksmith or making pies. Fable II Jobs  You are also able to now trade items and play co-op missions with your friends via Xbox Live in Fable 2. I remember my friends and I meeting in the courtyard of “Old Albion” and trading money to each other. You are able to explore the themes of Marriage, Home Owner Ship and the life of a merchant.  The combat skills were updated in this game as well, allowing you to obtain different magical abilities from the ones introduced in Fable.

Fable III- Fable 3 is the last title I will feature in today’s post as it was the last Fable title that I have played.  Fable III starts 50 years after the events of Fable II and in this game the hero will become royalty. You are tasked with taking down the horrible King (Your Older Brother) that subject his people to very severe punishments.  Fable III was released in October 2010. One thing that I loved about Fable III was that you were able to combine magic spells with your Spell Gauntlets. This means that you can mix the ice spell with fire to create a whole new element.  fable3_0942 What made this game different than the other 2 was that you realize the decisions made as a ruler will have a negative effect either immediately with having to execute a prisoner or over time when a dark evil approaches. Your choices are to spare 1 life or potentially save hundreds.  Basically you are choosing the best option which may not be a great choice at all. This game really makes the gamer make decisions that are not necessarily good versus evil; your decisions are which is a lesser evil. I think because this game puts you in a predicament where you hate either choice, I wasn’t able to finish the game.  Eventually I will go back and complete it but even now thinking about some of the things I did makes me cringe.

I haven’t played the newest version of Fable, however, I have purchased Fable II again to play through. I really enjoyed this series and I definitely recommend it to any gamer who enjoys the action RPG type games (it tells a great story and forces you to make decisions). I definitely recommend this game to gamers who enjoy the Sims as well. Although the customization features are not as vast as in the Sims, you are able to dye and buy additional clothing, start a family or business, oh and terrorize the villagers in Albion! Thank you for reading this week’s throwback Tuesday post! Have you played any of the Fable games? What’s your favorite RPG? Let’s talk gaming!

Have a great week!

-Luna 🙂


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    1. Awesome! I definitely loveeeee Fable II. If you get around to it you should play. It’s now backwards compatible on the Xbox One. Thank you for your comment and enjoy your Tuesday!

  1. I never played fable but it has been on my to play list. 3 sounds tough with those decisions, I always sit and think of like 20 minutes before I can ever decide in games like those

    1. It’s definitely worth the time to play in my opinion. 3 was brutal, even thinking about it now messes me up lol. But I am planning on going back and finishing it… eventually. Thank you for your comment and have a great Tuesday!

    1. Fable 2 is probably the best in the series, it would explain why 2 is $10 while 1 and 3 or like $5 lol. Are you getting the new Mass Effect game next week?

      1. Maybe!😂 I don’t know, I might wait for reviews to see what it’s like and how glitched it is on release, I’ll definitely get it at some point though, I need a new game, just not sure if I’ll get Mass Effect or Horizon Zero Dawn, or even Nier, if games were like books the publisher would have sent me one and I wouldn’t need to choise.😂

  2. Absolutely adore the Fable series, and like yourself Fable 2 is my favourite. I met Peter Molyneux, the series designer once as a good friend of mine was an assistant programmer at Lionhead Studios. Thanks for sharing Luna. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment! That’s awesome that you were able to Molyneux. Fable was a cruical part of me starting to game again so I’m very grateful for the franchise. I think Fable 2 is most people’s favorite, it was just so darn good and didn’t scar you like 3 lol.

  3. Ah, I’ve never played these but I’ve heard really great things about the franchise. 🙂
    That’s really neat how your character changes in appearance based off the choices you make.

    1. They’re really good, if you have time they’re worth the time to play. 🙂 Glad to see you were able to pry away from the Nyquil for a moment lol

      1. lmao Yeah, decided to kick the habit. 😉
        Luckily I’m feeling like I won’t need to take any more medicine. I can actually breathe through my nose again!! 😀

  4. Fable 2 is one of my favourite games. I love the character Theresa – you’re never quite sure whether she’s on the side of good or evil. Is she telling you all she knows, or has she seen the future and is now trying to guide you down a certain path?

    1. I agree, I love characters that provide a certain type of mystery. Fable 2 is such an amazing game. Thank you for your comment.

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