WWE Fastlane Recap!

Happy Monday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! We are about 27 days away from Wrestling’s biggest event; Wrestlemania. On the Road to Wrestlemania the last PayperView event was claimed by Raw for Fastlane and premiered last night, Sunday March 5th, 2017. Let’s go over the results and see how my predictions did!

Preview:  The match during the kickoff show was a tag team match between Akira Tozwa and Rich Swann versus Noam Dar and The Brian Kendrick. The cruiserweight matches are super exciting and high flying, making it a tag match made it even better. My prediction was for Swann and Tozwa to win. The Winners Are… Rich Swann and Tozwa! I’m 1 for 1 on the night.

The first match of the actual Fastlane PayPerView was the match between NXT greats Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe burst onto the scene of WWE’s Main Roster by causing an upset (mainly myself) by taking out Seth Rollins. During his interviews he insults Sami Zayn and well the match pretty much wrote itself. The Destroyer, Samoa Joe’s nickname came out swinging hard but the strong willed Zayn was not going to make the match easy, pulling out awesome moves of his own. My prediction was unfortunately Samoa Joe taking the match. The Winner Was…  Samoa Joe via submission. The specialist put Zayn asleep in the middle of the ring L.

Next up we had the Raw Tag Team Championship match between Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Bullet Club) versus the ever entertaining Enzo Amore and Big Cass. This match went better than I expected and the Tag Team division is looking pretty good on Raw. My prediction was Enzo and Cass becoming champions! The Winners Are… The Bullet Club Gallows and Anderson. Somehow I knew they would retain but I still put my hopes out there for Enzo and Cass. The results were a little scandalous because Enzo had his foot on the rope, yet the referee didn’t see it. No doubt that will be addressed tonight on Raw.

Next up is Sasha banks vs Nia Jax. This match was in the making after Nia blames Sasha for costing her a chance at the Raw Women’s title. After Sasha was injured during a match with Charlotte Nia attacked her during rehab. With all this tension building, the match was sure to be a hit for both women Superstars. My prediction was for Sasha to “Slay the beast” and find a way to win. The Winner Was… The BOSS Sasha Banks Baby!!!! She used her speed, intelligence and skill to score a pinfall (after being thrown around the ring) and I couldn’t be happier.    f7 Sasha’s fight was great with many  believable submission attempts, but the Kyrptonite of the Nia was the small package roll up for the win.

Bonus match Jinder Mahal vs Cesaro due to Mahal and Rusev complaining during the pre show to Mick Foley about not being featured in the show or Wrestlemania! The impromptu match was created with both Mahal and Rusev waiting for a “Surprise” opponent to enter.  Cesaro and Sheamus comes out to meet Mahal and Cesaro gets in the ring for the match. This match was pretty quick as I feel it was a filler match. Cesaro wins via pinfall. Rusev attacks Mahal after the match and awaits his blind match.

Rusev vs Big Show-  The tall Big Show comes out of the back ready to fight. The Winners determine if they are able to have a match at Wrestlemania.  Big Show dominating most of the match until Rusev clips big shows leg.  Big Show hits 3 choke slams Rusez, to win the match!  f8

Next up was Crusierweight greatness with Neville vs Jack Gallagher for the Cursierweight Title,- commentated by Austin Aries. Gallagher with his unconventional moves provides a lot of diversity and excitement to the Cruiserweight division. Neville taking a more physical and powerful approach to the match. I predicted Gallagher to topple the “King of the Cruiserweights” and bring home the title. The Winner Was… Neville! He pulled out the signature Red arrow by to retain the championship. This match was really good so I definitely recommend watching it. Seeing the quirky antics of Gallagher mixed with the sheer ferocity of Neville proved to be a hit!

Paul Heyman surprise interview with Charlie backstage. Paul Heyman showed up Detailing why Brock Lesner will be the winner no matter who wins the Universal Championship. He did what Paul Heyman does best, he talked up his client and why he is excited to get his hands on Goldberg!

f2 New Day came out to announce themselves as the Wrestlemania Hosts. They also unveiled the new ice cream cart decorated with New Day Pops!

f4Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman was next. This match was pretty good as well with Bruan showing his strength and resilence, to Roman doing what Roman does by brining the “Big Fight.” No matter what Roman Reigns did, Braun Strowman would recover even when he seemed to topple. My prediction was for Roman Reigns to come out vistorious. The Winner Was…   Roman Reigns baby!!!

The next match was the Raw Women’s Championship match between Champion Bayley and Charlotte Flair. This match was riddled with controversy and Charlotte called Bayley a cheater because she won by Sasha Banks interference. But why was Sasha there? Because Charlotte’s protege Dana Brooke  f1 interfered first. This match was personal and fantastic with both women having something to prove. Charlotte wants to retain her 16-0 record on PayPerViews and Bayley wants to prove she can walk into Wrestlemania as Champ! I predicted Bayley to overcome the odds and “Break That Streak.” The Winner… It’s Bayleyyyy. Give the assist to Sasha Banks who made sure Charlotte didn’t cheat to win. (Hmmm Sasha Versus Bayley and Wrestlemania or a Triple Threat with Charlotte is what I see in the future 🙂 )

The final match was the Universal Championship match of champion Kevin Owens taking on Icon Goldberg! This match was crazy, KO stalled beofre the match even began taunting Goldberg and walking around the ring.   f3 The he finally gets into the ring to only be interrupted by Chris Jericho. Distracted Goldberg spears KO and hits the Jackhammer for another less than 1 minute match win. I predicted Goldberg to take the title and he did. Goldberg versus Brock Lesner at Wrestlemania for the Universal Championship!  f5

Those are the results from WWE Fastlane. I will write up a prediction post on what I think will happen at Wrestlemania, my Wrestlemania!!!! What did you think of teh PayPerView? Did Your Predictions come through? What matches do you think will form now? Let’s Talk WWE!

Have  a great day!

-Luna 🙂


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  1. KO losing was inevitable. The moment they announced that match we all knew what would happen.

    I’m disappointed that after such a great buildup of Brown Snowman as a beast, they fed him to Reigns to “make him look strong.” Brawn Strongman deserved better.

    Enzo & Cass are slowly losing their credibility, not with this match but shoddy storylines like the one with Ruru.

    On Mania, Goooooooldberg vs Lesnar, I predict that Lesnar will no-sell the spears,just getting back up like nothing happened, with some Heyman commentary on how he trained by fighting rhinoceros in Africa or something like that.

    Loved the recap, wish some of those results were different. But I’m glad that Charlotte is done and gone, no more remaches and now we can move to Bailey vs Boss for Mania, maybe even bring in Nia.

    I argue with a friend over Charlotte. I’m not a fan of her heel persona, it’s a blatant copy of her dad.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yeah I knew it would be Goldberg and I’m not even mad about it. The Reigns and Strowman match I’m satisfied with but I do agree that it should have been more of tougher match for Reigns. Maybe making it a hardcore or tables match would have seemed more believable. It’s just like all the strong Superstars, they make them seem invincible until its time to take them down… remember when Rusev first came to the WWE he was also “Unstoppable.”

      that’s funny he probably is training with rhinoceros. I’m sure the match will actually be a match at Mania between those 2.

      I’m very happy about the outcome of the women matches and I’m sure Wrestlemania will be exciting. But you know Sasha vs Bayley is most likely going to happen. I’m not a fan of Charlotte but she is talented, gotta give her that lol.

      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Charlotte in the ring is great (though she’s been wrestling bit stiff lately, particularly the Sasha matches where the Boss always ended bloodied), but she’s too much of a Ric Flair clone on the mic, she’s even started wearing the robes.

        Yeah, hardcore would’ve been good. I think the issue with the Roman booking is that in focusing on making him look strong, they tend to go too far and he looks superhuman, recovering from things too quickly. Though this is also on Roman, he needs to sell exhaustion and over exertion much more convincingly.

        I wonder if Samoa Joe is the next “unstoppable.” Also hope Zayn gets another push. I’d love to see him with a title

  2. Lol at ‘causing an upset (mainly myself)’ I think every wrestling fan groaned when Rollins got injured by Joe, luckily he’ll be at WM.

    Cool recap! At least Charlotte’s PPV streak is over as it had gotten way too predictable that she’d win at the PPV and then drop the belt on Raw.

    We all knew KO would lose, just hoping that Bill v Brock is an actual match at WM and they put on a half decent match at that.

    No UT, I think that would have been cool but Roman wasn’t going to lose, should have been a stipulation match though, hardcore, streetfight or even a last man standing where neither made the ten count.

    1. Yes I agree. At Wrestlemania I know the match will be a longer. The 30 second matches are played out now, 1 spear and a jackhammer lol. Thank you for the comment and follow! I will check out your site now!

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