Ultimate TKO Thursday: Nasty Ninjas Scorpion Vs Master Shredder!

Happy Thursday all! Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Ultimate TKO Thursday battle where we pit 2 opponents from different series, comics, video games, etc against each other in an all out battle to see who will reign supreme. This week I’ve taken the request of Drew @ TheTattooedBookGeek’s from last week’s battle (Final Freeze: Subzero vs Mr. Freeze) request to see Scorpion in a TKO Battle! Scorpion is an experienced marital artist and a pennacle of the Mortal Kombat franchise. After mulling over the options, I have come to the conclusion that a great match up for him will be none other than Master Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Let’s jump into a quick synopsis of their backgrounds and get into the battle!

Master Shredder or Oroku Saki is one of the main villains in TMNT. He started as a trusted friend of Master Splinter and delve into his own practice of starting a ninja army know as the Foot Clan. Some of Shredders defining features are his size, speed, strength, intelligence and mastery of Ninjitsu.

Scorpion or Hanzo Hasashi is a ninja warrior who appears in the Mortal Kombat series. Most notably known for his Kunai Spear that shoots from his hands, Scorpion is also a master in Ninjitsu and fights using fire and flames. He is a resurrected ninja that battles his demons which each fight. He is quick, agile and deadly when he becomes enraged.

“When are you finally going to rid Earth of those pesky Turtles so that I can rule?”Β krang Krang says. The clank of Shredder’s boots against the marbled floor of the Technodrome is worse than the sound of nails against a chalkboard. “It’s hard to think that you can rule anything with the amount of times that I’ve had to save you personally, dear friend.” Shredder responds. He stops a mere 10 feet away from the brain known as Krang. Shredder stands firm with his piercing gaze directed towards the alien. “How dare you speak to me with such insolence, you should know your place.” Krang responds. Shredder’s gaze turns deadly, his fist are now tightened into a ball with the veins sprouting out from both sides. “I’ve had enough…” he starts as he leaps into the air head on towards his once ally, right fist extended with maximum strength towards his target. The last thing Shredder sees is the smirk on Krangs face as he steps aside and opens a dimensional portal. Before long Shredder awakens in a dark, mysterious land. He dusts himself off and rises to find another ninja a few feet away dressed inΒ scorpion3 yellow and black. Before he could ask where he was the assailant strikes an impressive martial arts pose, “Uhhuh” Shredder says. “I guess this is the dimension that Krang was mentioning last week, this is OutWorld.”

Scorpion’s stance looks very familiar to Shredder, it’s very similar to his own fighting style of Ninjitsu, yet it is tweaked somehow. “I’ll have you know that I am a master of Ninjitsu.” Shredder says as he copies the stance. He notices that Scorpion’s eyes are bright white. The sky rings with the drums of the thunder cascading around the 2 ninjas, it’s almost as if Raiden had played the symphony of the skies for this occasion. Scorpion sizes up his opponent, who is standing with blades lined along his forearms and top of his helmet. Scorpion finally breaks his stance and walks to the left of his opponent in a circular motion. Shredder takes off his purple cape to reveal the tight ninja suit that he is wearing. It is flexible enough to allow Shredder to use his full range of motion while fighting. Shredder counters by walking to the right of Scorpion, both men checking to see who will make the first move. After about 2 and a half rotations Scorpion stops and bows to his opponent bring his hands back to the Shaolin Fist stance. Shredder bows back and launches into battle with quick strikes of his fist.

Scorpion matches Shredder’s aggressive strikes and tries to counter with his own barrage of punches. Both opponents are true masters of martial arts and therefore are able to quickly dodge and counter attack each other instantly. Finally a blow hits it’s target! Shredder use the blades on his forearm to pierce the cloth of Scorpion’s Shirt. Scorpion seemingly increasing in rage shoves back Shredder and drops to the ground to initiate a quick leg sweep. The taller Shredder falls to to the floor. Shredder stands up and releases his Steel Claws . Shredder makes his way closer to Scorpion but after a few steps he finds himself dodging a speared rope coming from Scorpion’s palm. The next round of the spear has Shredder swiping at the Spear with his Steel Claws.

Scorpion throws fireballs at is opponent barely scorching the wrist of Shredder. As Shredder leaps into the air to attack Scorpion counters with a backflip kick straight into the jaw of Shredder. As Shredder stumbles he falls to one knee and and lunges with his claws at Scorpion piercing his chest. The 2 masters fall back into the quick firing hand to hand combat. Scorpion spins and misses his punch but lands a kick to the shin. Shredder grabs Scorpions right leg and pulls him to the ground, following up with quick punches to his face. Scorpion spits a hot, burning acid on Master Shredder to make him flinch and fall over. Scorpion kick flips up and starts stompingΒ scorp-kick on Shredder before hitting 3 backflips away from his opponent. Shredder flips up to his feet and wipes the blood from his jaw. “You are a worthy opponent, but I’m afraid that this duel has come to an end.” His Steel Claws are ready to end the fight. He takes a step towards Scorpion and feels a tingle in his right arm. The Kunai Spear from Scorpion’s palm had caught him. Shredder yells in fury, “Get Over Here!!!!” Scorpion says and pulls Shredder close for the fatality.

The blood starts to pour out of his body and light up the floor of Outworld. Yet, it looks too orange to be blood. It’s not, it’s the lava flowing out of Scorpions body. When he pulled Shredder towards him with the Kunai, he never took into account that Shredder’s left Steel Claw was left uninhibited. Shredder had used his body as a diversion, he was caught by the spear to throw his opponent off guard. The Steel Claw slashed open the belly of the beast and sent him spiraling to the ground. Shredder, bruised and bloodied, bows to his opponent. “Now to take care of that Krang!” He says before taking 3 steps and also tumbling to the ground.

What did you think of this week’s TKO battle? Did you agree with the outcome? Who would you like to see featured in our weekly brawl? Let’s talk TKO! Thank you for reading!

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      1. Ah but Scorpion lost first though! Just like AJ’s feet hit the ground first on SD last week, damn technicalities. You’ve killed Batman and Scorpion, two characters that I like, I’ll have to suggest some characters that I don’t like to meet their fate!πŸ˜‚

      2. Lol I mean yeah you’re right. Omg did you watch Raw on Monday? Batman didn’t die though he was hanging on the ledge haha. You know what’s crazy I loveeee Scorpion way more than Shredder but his stats are all rage based. I was just like I feel that Shredder would outsmart him :).

      3. Yes, I had the misfortune of watching Raw, sigh!😠

        Batman might not have died but he still lost!πŸ˜‚ Damn right to love Scorpion way more than Shredder, I like villains but never really connected with Shredder, I rooted for the turtles to win whereas with other bad guys I wanted them to win!πŸ˜‚

      4. I know it was a little disappointing with Raw, but I am super excited that my husband (Seth Rollins) came out and pretty much confirmed he’s going to be wrestling in Wrestlemania :).

        It’s funny I tend to gravitate towards villains. I liked the Turtles but I wanted like Raphael should have been leader (can’t stand Leonardo lol). To be honest, Batman would win in hand to hand versus Ironman but I reallllllllllly despise him haha,

  1. Another great fight! I was really surprised that they both lost. It made for a nice twist!
    I liked the explanation too for how they wound up in the same place. Nicely done.
    Since you’re taking suggestions for upcoming brawls what about Rogue from X-Men? πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I was trying to make this one unpredictable, even though as I was writing it, I just knew Scorpion would win. That’s the thing about writing off the cuff, sometimes your story takes a turn unexpectedly and I didn’t want to change it because it’s how I was feeling in the moment (even though I love Scorpion like 100 times more than Shredder). The entrance of them being in the same place is thanks to my brother, he’s a HUGEEE Ninja Turtles fan and when I went to him for advice on Shredder he helped me out (Thanks Kenny!).

      Awesome! It’s been a while since we had a female battle, I will get to brainstorming who Rogue will go up against! Thank you for the suggestion!

      1. Nice! That’s cool that your brother was so willing to help you out with the Shredder portion. πŸ™‚
        Yay! I’m so pumped to see Rogue in an Ultimate TKO Thursday and to see who you pit her up against!!

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