A Sense of Community and February Update!

Happy Wednesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I didn’t have anything scheduled to post today but recent events and a few blog posts that I have read from my peers made an impression on me. Firstly I will do a quick February Update!


  • In February We have made it to 80+ Followers so thank you everyone!
  • 33 Posts were Published on the blog
  • WE had 388 Visitors
  • We had 338 Likes and 238 Comments

Personal Goals:

  • I purchased 3 Video Games. (Halo Wars 2, Thief and Game of Thrones)
  • Purchased all the tickets I wanted for Wrestlemania! (Wrestlemania, Raw, Smackdown and WWE Axxess VIP for Seth Rollins 🙂 )
  • I have been writing at least 5 times a week! (Now I need to start working on my book lol)
  • Met amazing bloggers!  thumbs-up


Now I wanted to say how incredible it is to find other bloggers’ posts and opinions. I find myself wanting to rush to my laptop to read other blog posts or communicate with some of the bloggers that I have met. I feel a great sense of community here, as I am an extrovert I’m very aware that it’s easier for me to communicate with someone standing in front of me or over a computer screen.

But the reality is that you never know who is sitting across the screen from you typing their thoughts and opinions. It can be a next door neighbor, a grandmother that doesn’t have much family around, a gamer that revels in online gaming, a sarcastic kid who doesn’t have many friends, a socialite that can’t tell their friends about the newest technology craze for fear of rejection and so on. We are all made up of completely different personalities yet we find ourselves drawn to others blogs and posts. Why? Myself I love the “Individual.” Someone who is doing their own concept, creating their own genre, staying true to what they believe. We may not always agree, but we can respect each other. I’m drawn to creative individuals, bloggers that make me feel a certain way or feel anything at all. Bloggers who are seeking to provide a service, express their thoughts, vent, provide the raw and real emotions of their soul and lay it out on the table for anyone who’s hungry to come and eat.

The point of this rant I guess it is, is to say that I love and respect all of the bloggers that I have had a chance to interact with. I feel like we are a community and that people can care and value others opinions. I fancy myself a humanist, I want us all to succeed and to keep the people by our side that have cheered us on the entire way. Some of you I can call “friend.” What you write resonate with me and I enjoy the banter we may have. From the people that I have met to the others that I will meet in the future, I appreciate you and I am glad that we are taking this crazy journey called “blogging” as far as each of us personally can. mlp-wheels  Let’s ride this thing until the wheels fall off with the wind in our hair, the Pepsi in our hand, the beats of our favorite song playing as loud as we dare and with the friends that make this life feel a little less lonely. 

Thank you and have a fantastic March!

-Luna 🙂



  1. Ha, VIP access to Seth Rollins, from the comments I know you’re looking forward to that!😉

    Eurgh, Thief, stealth and me don’t mix well in games!😂

    Definitely true about bloggers and the personality bit, have to add your own personality into your blog even if it does occasionally get you into trouble!😂 But it’s not ‘sarcastic kids’ adults can be sarcastic to, even myself at times.😀

    1. Yes I’m super excited! Thief is fun, I love stealth games, figthing games are my kyrptonite lol, well all excepte Dead or Alive 5. I’ve notice that some readers aren’t too fond of your sarcasm, but I love it! Thank you for your comment and have a great week! 🙂

      1. Ha, bit unfair with the ‘some’ readers comment there Mrs Rollins, it was more a singular reader who wasn’t fond of it and if they actually followed and commented regularly on the blog then they’d know about the bad jokes and sarcasm!😂

        Stealth = fun?? Nah, it might well be fun but I’m just bad at it!😂

  2. Absolutely lovely post! 🙂 I agree, it really is a wonderful blogging community here.
    I just adore your blog and and have had a blast with all of our little chats in the comment sections. Also, yay for the Game of Thrones game. The only Telltale Game I’ve gotten to check out is The Walking Dead but it was really good and definitely made me want to play their other games! Hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear what you think of it once you’ve played it. 🙂

    1. Thank you! It was a post that I had to write after reading some of the responses on The Comic Vaults post the other evening. I love your blog as well (of course you know that I was referring to you and a few others in regards to the friend comment). Sometimes you really enjoy other peoples opinions and insights and you’re definitely among the top of my list so thank you!

      This is my first TellTale Game and I’m still waiting for it in the mail 🙁 I ordered it last week but sheesh I should have just went in to GameStop at this point. It looks really good, kind of like Fable so I’m looking forward to it. I’ll write up a review for sure on it whenever I actually get the game 🙂

      1. Aw, thank you. <3 I'm really glad we found one another's blogs. 🙂 It's amazing how the internet allows us to make friends with people we would otherwise never meet in real life.
        Aw, hopefully your game arrives soon. And yay, I can't wait for the upcoming review of it! 😀 I have a Game of Thrones board game that I've had for a few years but have never gotten to play because I can never get enough people at the same time who want to play it. *grumble grumble* lol My bff was a trooper though and we *attempted* to play it with just the two of us, but you really couldn't. We thought we'd be able to fudge the rules just enough to get to play it and NOPE. 😛 Oh well, maybe one day. lol

      2. That’s cool. I’ve seen the Game Thrones of Thrones board game and I want it sooo bad. One day you’ll be able to play and it’s going to awesome I’m sure. That’s how I feel about the board game Dead of Winter. It’s a zombie surivival board that game that plays better with at least 4 people. Especially because you have cards that can make someone a “traitor” but the way you contribute supplies and stuff to the missions is anonymous. Needless to say it’s crazy because you never know who to trust lol.

      3. Ah! I’ve played that game! My boyfriend owns it. 🙂 I love how detailed it is, and all the cool zombie and human pieces.

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