Throwback Tuesday: Snick!

Happy Tuesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Do you remember the Saturday night Nickelodeon shows? That’s what this week’s journey down memory lane will focus on Saturday Night Nickelodeon commonly known as Snick!

All That- 0323-all-that-cast-nickelodeon-4 All That was the teen variety sketch comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live. All of the faces of Nickelodeons shows would preform small comedy sketches throughout the night. Many of your favorite shows like Kenan & Kel, The Amanda Bynes Show and even Zoey 101 stemmed from All That providing the talent a platform in order for their spinoff to be successful.

kenan-and-kel-feature-375x500 Kenan & Kel- Kenan and Kel was a teen comedy show and spin off of All That, following the life of best friends Kenan and Kel. Kenan is always coming up with a scheme and Kel goes along willingly on this comedic trip through their lives in Chicago. This show was one of my favorites because I was in LOVEEEEE with Kel. You might remember them from the “Good Burger” Nickelodeon Movie as well.  “AWWWW Here It Goes!”

Are You Afraid of the Dark- are Are you afraid of the dark was a teen horror anthology that creeped me out as a kid I still remember one episode where a kid was swimming and the pool turned to blood. I didn’t want to swim all summer because of that episode lol. Are you afraid of the dark was the original teen horror show before the Goosebumps series started. Each week kids would go to a campfire in the woods and tell creepy stories to scare the other members of their club.

The Secret World of Alex Mack- The Secret World of Alex Mack was a great show that followed a teenage girl’s journey through life after a freak accident. She was drenched in a chemical substance that gave her supernatural powers like telekinesis and turning into a chemical puddle. What would you do if you started down this unpredictable double life road? You’d enjoy every moment!

index Kablam- Kablam was an animated cartoon type sketch show that brings comic book characters Henry and June right off of the page! One of my favorite segments of Kablam was Prometheus and Bob! It followed the advance development of the Alien Prometheus as he tried to teach old cave man Bob essentials such as building a fire or fishing. It was hilarious because bob would always find a way to mess up the experiment and get Prometheus upset.

Animorphs- Animorphs was a teen fantasy show derived from the book series published by Scholastic, that allowed the teens to turn into different animals. Of course the teens had to keep their powers secret or run the risk of the army taking them away. I’ve always wanted to have the power to morph into something else as a kid. That would’ve been awesome!

Those are some of my favorite SNICK shows! What are yours? Have a great week!

-Luna 🙂


  1. Great post! It was a lot of fun remembering all these old shows while reading this. 🙂
    I think it’s awesome that Kenan started off on the kid version of Saturday Night Live and now he’s on the real thing. That had to be surreal for him. lol
    I used to love Are You Afraid of the Dark, even though (as you mentioned) it could be pretty creepy! I remember the zombie in the pool episode. That thing was terrifying for a kid’s show. lol I always thought the weird blue and yellow jester guy with ink or something coming out of his mouth was freaky too. 😛

    1. Yesss I remember that episode so vividly because it literally terrified me from wanting to go swimming. I would imagine that Kenan is really happy with how his life turned out and bringing it full circle had to feel great.

      btw sorry it has been taking me a while to respond, a lot of exciting things happening at work and I’ll be busy for the next week before everything goes back to normal haha. Have a great week!

      1. No worries at all! 🙂 Things get busy sometimes. That’s nice that you have exciting stuff going on at work. 😀
        And thanks, you enjoy your week too!!

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