Halo Wars 2 First Impression & Tips!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I have not finished my Netflix Series so I will not have a Netflix Series of the Week Review until next Friday. In lieu of this I have decided to give you some tips for the new Halo Wars 2 video game for Xbox One or Windows 10! Halo Wars 2 is a Real Time Strategy game that was released February 22nd, 2017. I have bought the Xbox One S bundle with the new game and decided to share a few tips and tricks to get started! After I complete the campaign I will do a full review on the game. The first thing I did was complete the Basic and Advanced Tutorials, yet there are elements of the game not covered. I’ve researched and played through a few skirmishes to come up with some tips for starting out! Let’s jump into the basics!

Symbols – imageedit_5_2322949673

  • Lightning = Power
  • Single Person = Population
  • Crates =Supplies

One issue that I ran across was the Population Symbol. I haven’t played the original Halo Wars in a bit and even after completing all of the tutorials, I couldn’t build my vehicles because my population was too low. You upgrade population via the “Armory” research building (War Council for Aliens race). There will be a population symbol that you can click to upgrade your population. You can have unlimited supplies and power however the population or number of units cap is 120 after all upgrades are established. Each infantry unity, vehicle or specialized units such as Spartans or drones will display a chart informing you on exactly how many population slots 1 unit takes.

Moving Units- If you recall a recent post I’ve written about Tutorials, you will know that I don’t really like to play them. Halo Wars 2 is an exception to that rule! Because there are a lot of controls and strategy that goes into the game I highly recommend completing all 3 tutorials to get the best experience out of moving your units (The Blitz Tutorial will only apply to that game mode). You are able to select all units in a single area by clicking the right bumper (RB). You can select all units of a specific category by double clicking A on the desired unit. Simply move your cursor to the spot in which you want to move your units and click X (Btw my controls are for Xbox One, PC controls may differ).

Leader Powers- I love that the leader integration of Leader Powers can affect your gameplay. At the beginning of a game, you are able to select your desired leader (Pay Attention ad each leader has a different skill set). Off the back I chose Professor Anders because she receives a bonus to research and construction (huge plus for my type of gameplay). There are some universal Leader Powers such as healing that allows you to heal your unites while in battle or just standing there. If you think you’re about to lose because your health is low on your active unites, use that Leader Power and shock your enemies (I did lol). Take care as Leader Powers will have a cool down.

Garrison units- Throughout the map that you are on there will be small Garrisons in which you can have a unit camp and watch for enemies. I use the Garrison checkpoints to have an eye on the map and choke points around my bases. Your unites can also attack from these locations so make sure to have long range units (general marines will do the trick).

Upgrades- Don’t forget halowars about the upgrades to not only your bases, but to your units as well. You can upgrade, health, damage, armor and even add a rocket launcher to some ground units. You can upgrade turrets and units as well.Upgrades to individual units, vehicles or the base will be marked with an upwards facing arrow. The description of each upgrade type will be located to the right of the screen as you hover over the options.

Minimap- The Minimap will be your best friend in Halo Wars 2. Due to the amount of units, bases, choke points, supplies, and don’t forget your enemies, this RTS game has a lot to keep up with. Your minimap will show you if enemy units are spotted or attacking. You can also see where your bases are, units are stationed and how many “Undiscovered Bases’ there are on the map. The benefit of knowing which bases are undiscovered is that you can track your enemies movements and defeat them quickly.

Those are my first impressions and tips for Halo Wars 2. I relay enjoy RTS games so I have been playing all night. Have you played Halo Wars or Halo Wars 2? What are your favorite RTS games? Hopefully these tips help you out and let me know if I have missed anything!

Have a great weekend!

-Luna 🙂



  1. Awesome! I love the first Halo Wars, it successfully combined 2 things I love in the gaming world: Halo and the RTS. Looking forward to playing this, thanks for sharing Luna 🙂

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