The Office: AKA-The Greatest Show Ever


If you haven’t already binge-watched ‘The Office’ on Netflix yet, then stop EVERYTHING you are doing and GET TO IT! The Office literally gives you everything you want in a show, the classic and awkward office romance, hilarious practical pranks between coworkers, and a one-of-a-kind boss who has one of the best character development in the history of television series.

Now ‘The Office’ is actually an adaptation to a UK original series called ‘The Office’ created by Ricky Gerbaid. The show is set in Scranton, PA at Dunder-Mifflin, a small paper company countlessly trying to beat out its big competitors like Staples and Office Depot. The series is filmed in a documentary style where the office staff is constantly being filmed…even without their knowing.

Throughout all nine seasons, we follow the typical office romance of Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. Their love starts off as harmless flirtation between friends and gradually blossoms into marriage, kids, and a white picket fence, which we know today as COUPLE GOALS. From the start of the show, we catch Jim and Pam laughing together at the Receptionist desk (this is where we find Jim most of the show). We pretty much get to see love at first sight with these two even though Pam is technically engaged to a warehouse worker named Roy at the beginning. As the show progresses to the 3rd season, Pam eventually calls off her engagement with Roy and finally ends up marrying Jim Halpert before the season finale.office2

Not only is there office romance but some of the best office pranks I have ever seen. It even gave me a few ideas to try… The pranks always involve the likeable Jim Halpert and the eccentric Dwight Schrute, who is one of the most loyal staff members at the branch . Jim constantly raises the bar with his pranks from sticking all of Dwight’s items in Jello, tricking Dwight into believing that the CIA recruited him for a top secret mission, and my personal favorite, when Jim conditions Dwight to expect an Altoid mint every time he hears a computer chime. Each prank is more laughable then the first and makes you wonder what Jim will do next!office3

Last, but not least, we have Michael Scott, the Regional Manager of Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton. Honestly I HATED Michael at first but throughout the seasons I started to really love the development of his character. His management style may make you want to cringe from how awkwardly weird it can be like his inappropriate catchphrase “That’s what she said”. At the same time, you are amazed at the fact that his branch is always constantly number one in sales regardless of whatever crazy thing Michael puts the staff through like his home-made orientation videos, improv routines, and unprofessional office meetings. One of the best things about this show is that we see Michael eventually evolve into a decent and lovable man, which I was actually SURPRISED to see!michael-scott-the-office

To conclude, ‘The Office’ is literally the best show out there…in my personal opinion. I love the humor, the realness of the issues that the characters go through, and all of the awkward Michael Scott moments. I have yet to watch another show that compares with ‘The Office’ and I watch a lot of Netflix! I promise you will not be disappointed with the show and what it has to offer! Thanks for reading…-Megan Wilcox




  1. SUCH a great show! I used to work at Blockbuster Video back in the day and this was like our go-to show to play near the end of the night on the tv/gaming display we had. Great characters and writing. It’s one of those shows that just puts you in a good mood when you watch it. 🙂

    1. I am so happy that there are so many other people who love and enjoy this show as much as I do! I’m actually re-watching the last few seasons to catch some of the things that I missed before!

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