Concealed In Death Book Review!

Good afternoon and Happy Wednesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Today I am writing my very first book review for the blog. I intend to feature a book review (as long as this one goes well lol) at least once a month. Thank you to all of the amazing book blogs that I follow for inspiring me to do this!

Title: Concealed In Death

Author: J.D. Robb

Publisher & Date: Berkley, Published February 18th, 2014.

Setting: New York City

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Series: In Death, Book 38.

Intrigued by mystery? Addicted to trying to solve a case before the ending is revealed to you? Actively invested in crime drama’s? If this is you, I highly recommend reading “Concealed In Death” by J.D. Robb.

Concealed in Death is a Crime Thriller novel from a series of currently 56 “In Death” books(newest installment released Earlier this month with “Echoes In Death”). The story is told in first person from the viewpoint of Eve Dallas, a detective in upstate New York. While I love the book and writing style, there are a few suggestive and adult situations that will come up while reading, so the book is not suitable for kids. In my opinion the book definitely manages to engulf the reader in the crime scene whether Eve is investigating a lead, speeding through traffic or ease dropping on a conversation not intended for her ears. Right away I’ve gotten a sense of the characters personality without the author blatantly telling me that someone is stern or bull headed. In my opinion this helps the reader fully immerse themselves in the story at hand. concealed
This installation stemming from the “In Death” series, follows Lieutenant Eve Dallas as she’s faced with an unthinkable situation. Roarke, her billionaire beau is an accomplished professional who uses his business savvy by brokering a sweet deal for an abandoned building. With renovations at the fore front, Roarke oversees as his employees begun the demolition and reconstruction process. Roarke has been eyeing this property for a while so he decides to take the first couple of swings with the sledgehammer to the wall… when BOOM! The walls reveal a secret! A Body! But wait, there’s another one…. and another… final count… 12! What sick creep would “conceal” 12 bodies in an abandoned building? Who are the “Doe’s” that were found and why are they there? That’s what Eve and Roarke intend to find out.

This novel touches on all of your typical core emotions, ranging from shock and panic to passionate exchanges between the main characters. Some of the terminology that appears throughout the text can seem pretty cheesy for my taste, mainly due to the setting taking place in the future, however, the depth of the book is enticing and will grab the reader from page 1!

I have completed this book and found it absolutely entertaining. Growing up I’ve always harbored an  affinity for solving things, whether it was puzzles, riddles or the villain on Scooby Doo. With that in mind, I tend to gravitate towards any mystery/thriller piece of work. The In Death series (currently I have read 2 of them) definitely satisfies my need for solving crimes and the books are pretty quick reads. The great thing about this series is that the books are all standalone. Yes, you have recurring characters and some references from past titles will appear, but you don’t necessarily have to read any of the predecessors to enjoy the book.

Quotes from the book:

“Yeah, probably. Homicide: Our day starts when yours ends. Permanently.” “You should sew that on a pillow.”

“The buying and selling of property- or anything else for that matter- was a business of course. But it was also a game, one he relished playing, one he relished winning. He considered the game of business nearly as satisfying and entertaining as stealing.”

” “What is it?” Nina still holding Roarke’s jacket, pushed against Pete’s other side, nosed in. “Oh Oh my God! Those are-Those are” “Bodies” Roarke finished. “What’s left of them. You’ll have to hold the crew off Pete. It appears I have to tag up my wife.” Roarke took his jacket from Nina’s limp fingers, drew his ‘link out of the pocket. “Eve” he said when her face came on the screen. “It seems I’m in need of a cop.”

You can find this book on Goodreads via the link below:

Thank you for reading my book review! Any tips or feedback is greatly appreciated! Have you read any of the “In Death” series books? What are you favorite Crime/Thriller books? Let’s talk books!

Have a great day!

-Luna 🙂


  1. Woo! Great review!
    I really like the structure of your review, and that you included a quotes section.
    I’ve read a decent amount on “true crime” but have oddly enough never branched out into fictional crime thrillers. This review makes me want to change that. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I tried to do as much research on how to write a decent book review and I am pretty happy with the outcome of the post. I think I’ve only read fantasy and crime thrillers. I did find a new genre at the library called historical fiction that I really want to try out. Thank you for reading!

      1. Nice! Historical fiction is an awesome genre. I stayed up wayyyy too late last night finishing one called The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. It just became one of my favorite books. It’s heart wrenching, but so worth reading. It follows two sisters living very different lives in France during WWII.

  2. Awesome review👌👌
    I have never read a historical fiction before…….but this one looks like a great option thanks to your review.
    I wish could be as good as you….

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