Throwback Tuesday: Handheld Gaming

Happy Tuesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I was really excited about this week’s post for Throwback Tuesday we will be taking that nostalgic journey back to Handheld Gaming! Let’s get right to the trip down memory lane. Sidenote: I have some surprise entries for Handheld gaming that may not immediately come to mind. We will start with a well know handheld classic.

Gameboy Color: game_boy_color Gameboy Color was an awesome handheld system that released on October 21, 1998. What were you doing in 1998? Myself, I was in maybe 7th grade jamming out to Backstreet Boys and 98 degrees! some of the games we played were Rampage: World Tour, Pokemon Red and Blue, Super Mario Deluxe and Tetris!

Sega Game Gear: The Sega Game Gear was awesome and came out October 6th, 1990. this handheld was the game-gear combatant of Nintendo’s well know original Gameboy! Some of the Game Gear games were Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, Batter Up and Double Dragon! Funny story- My brother and I were blessed to have the Game Gears presented to us as an early birthday present (we are both born in April). Our first game was the Batter Up Baseball game that we took EVERYWHERE! This is where it gets interesting. We wanted to have new rollerblades to go skating with and our grandmother gave us the ultimatum; Gamer Gear or Skates. We really took the skates lol. What kid can you tell me today would make the same choice? We had a blast with the rollerblades though going to parks, birthday parties and all.

Giga Pet/Tamagotchi : When you first giga clicked on this post, did you think that the Giga Pets would make a cameo? Many of us have forgotten that this tiny virtual, handheld was essentially a video game. The Giga Pet was released in 1997 as a competitor for the Tamagotchi. The premise was to take care of your little monsters/pets by feeding them, playing with them and even scooping up their messes (a more censored way to say it lol). I remember playing with my Giga Pet all of the time. I couldn’t get a real pet so this was the next best thing. These were the pride and joy of my middle school days. If I recall you were able to have “Play Dates” with your friend’s pets by tapping them together (or am I imaging that lol).

Tom & Jerry Handheld: This tom-and-jerry was one of my favorite handheld games back when the Tom & Jerry Movie was released in 1992. This handheld was so fun where you would jump over potholes and collect cookies. There were other handheld video games like this, but I personally had the Tom & Jerry version.

GameBoy: Last but not least gameboy-classic I couldn’t end the post without featuring the OG Gameboy Classics AKA The Brick! The classic was released on April 21st, 1989. What can I say, playing games like Dr. Mario and the original Tetris on the brick was awesome. Just think if someone wanted to mug you all you had to do was bop them over the head with that thing “FLAWLESS VICTORY!”



There are plenty other notable handhelds like the Gameboy Advance and PSP. What are some of your favorite handheld games? Do you remember the ones in my list? Let’s talk throwback handheld games!


-Luna 🙂


  1. Ha, yeah, if you walloped someone on the head with the Nintendo brick sorry gameboy then they’d definitely feel it!😂 Awesome handheld console, so many hours spent on it, only needed 4 batteries to which lasted a while unlike the Sega game gear which needed 6 batteries that lasted about 1 hour!😂

    Lol at the backstreet boys!😂

    1. Thanks for your comment! I know, man the gamer struggle was running out of batteries. That happened to me once with my GameBoy Advance, in the middle of fighting dragonair( one of my favorite Pokemon). I was heated, but eventually I just removed the batteries from my tv controller lol.

      1. Ha, that happened to me at a few inopportune moments, when that damn red light came on the gameboy it was like ‘don’t switch off, don’t switch off’ just let me finish this bit!😂 I should think I pilfered batteries out of the TV remote to, batteries came in packs of 8 in the UK which meant 2 lots for the gameboy, one lot died, replace with the 4 new ones…..until you found someone had taken 1 or 2 out of the pack!😠😂😢

  2. Awesome article my friend. Love Nintendo handhelds, I think I mentioned the Atari Lynx in a previous comment, but another handheld I still have and love is Bandai’s Wonderswan, a great little machine.

  3. Love this post! It really brought on all the nostalgic feels. lol
    I had a few of the items on this list and really had a lot of fun with them. I had to laugh out loud about the self defense via bopping someone with the brick/Flawless Victory! 😛
    I was indeed surprised to see virtual pets on this list, but they totally deserve their time in the spotlight too. I remember all too well when these things were all the rage. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment. I was really excited about it lol. Yea the brick is crazy and heavy. Virtual pets were so fun then came along neopets online and I was hooked for a few months sitting at my desktop.

      Sidenote I just got back from the library with 2 books Dark Blood and Obsession in Death so I’m really excited to start reading them 🙂

      1. I agree, virtual pets were so much fun. I’ve never played Neopets before, but I used to really like this old PC game my family had on one of our old computers. I think it was called “Dogz” or “Petz” or something but I absolutely loved it. lol
        Yay for the new library books! 😀 I hope you like them. Libraries are the best.

      2. You would have loved Neopets. Pretty much you adopt or create your own pet (which weren’t typical dogs and cats, I had a dolphon with a unicorn horn type pet). You play games to earn money and you can upgrade your pets abilities like itelligence, acrobatics and strength. You can enter them into competitions and battles, build a home for them, take them to the spa lol. Pretty much an expanded Gigapet.

      3. Oh, wow! haha Yeah, that is wayyyy more in depth that the Dogz game I used to play. lol You’re right, I think I really would have loved that. 🙂

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