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Hiya Gamers, Geeks & Friends! I have read several different “Book Tag” posts in which you would answer questions about books that you have read and pass the questions over to other bloggers to share. These are really interesting blog posts that I desperately want to participate in, but I feel that I have not read enough books to be able to complete the questions. So why not adapt this style of post to something I know and love; Video Games! That’s right gamers, let’s start a Video Game tag and learn more about each other!


  • Thank & Tag the Blogger
  • Shout Out The Creator (GamersUnitedGGBlog)
  • Answer the Questions
  • Tag Other Bloggers (Your choice on the number of Players)
  • Create 5-7 Video Game Questions for your Players to Answer!


  • What is your favorite video game genre (I.E. RPG, FPS, MMO, etc.).
  • Which system do you prefer to game on?
  • Who is your favorite video game character?
  • Which game do you believe has the best plot?
  • What game gave the most hype but didn’t deliver?
  • What game are you waiting for?
  • If you were taken to an island andΒ  forced to only play 3 games, which 3 games would you choose?
  • Which games do you feel have the best replay value,
  • Name 1 Game that you think everyone should play?
  • What game did you grow up on?
  • Which game would you like to see come back?

My responses:

What is your favorite video game genre? There’s so many great genre’s out there but if I had to select my absolute favorite, it would have to be First Person Shooters. Not necessarily First person, but games like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Gears of war I thrive on and can’t see myself being without.

Which system do you prefer to game on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Handheld, Retro, etc.? Xbox One. I have been day 1 A1 with Xbox after the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube went downhill (which I still have of course πŸ™‚ ).

Who is your favorite video game character? Yoshi!!!! Yoshi is currently still relevant and AWESOME! I always play with Yoshi in Mario Kart or Mario Party when he is available. Recently I have used Yoshi to win on Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games! My swimming game is epic!

Which game do you believe has the best plot? My answer to this question is a game that really didn’t receive a lot of praise, Thief! I really loved the game-play of Thief and how you are able to pickpocket guards and things. It reminds me of the Fable games where if no one sees you commit a crime or act, then you get away with it. Thief had some interesting elements in that you were also developing supernatural abilities along with trying to stop a nefarious character. I love the aspect of solving puzzles along with fighting (although it is not intended for straight up combat, you have to be sneaky).

What game gave the most hype but didn’t deliver? I am going to say Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. I am a little wary of saying this game as I have not played it, not even the Beta. For the past 7 titles or so I have always bought the newest Call of Duty game for midnight release. After watching the pro players play, something about the game was not catching my eye. The game-play seemed liked it was worse off than the last 3 titles. The mechanics and maneuvering were bothering me as the game is set after Call of Duty Ghosts, yet it looked slower. I don’t know that’s just my thought on it.

What game are you waiting for? I would say it is a toss up between Kingdom Hearts 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you were taken to an island andΒ  forced to only play 3 games, which 3 games would you choose? This is a hard one. Ughhh, (why did I make this question, I can’t decide between 3 games lol). I would say Gears of War 4, Civilization 6 and Mario Party. I have a FPS, a Strategy Game and a Silly no stress game. I guess these 3 will be my picks, but like 5 games would be better lol.

Which games do you feel have the best replay value? Civilization 6 and The Sims have the best replay values to me. The games can be different depending on the options that you select and with DLC and different game modes a developer can really just keep adding on to the game.

Name 1 Game that you think everyone should play? I think that everyone should play Mario Kart. It is a true classic and for me cannot be replicated. Any version of Mario Kart is fine, old school N64 version, Double Dash or Mario Kart 8! Just get to racing and throwing shells (the blue shell was devastating lol). My favorite map of all time would have to be Wario Stadium from the original Mario Kart game (with and without cheating to jump over the side πŸ™‚ ).

What game did you grow up on? I grew up on Super Nintendo and Sega classics like Street Fighter, Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros and Tetris! Does anyone remember Sonic Spinball? That has to be one of my favorite games.

Which game would you like to see come back? I would like to see Wave Race from Nintendo 64 get a reboot. It was one of my favorite racing games!

My Challengers:

Thank you for taking a look at today’s post! Have a fantastic Saturday and feel free to try out the Video Game Tag!

Stay Gaming!

-Luna πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you for your comment. I can’t wait for RDR2, for now I have to play the original since it’s Backwards Compatible on the Xbox One now. I still have my N64 and classic games like Mario Kart, Goldeneye 007 and Snowboard kids lol.

  1. Thank you for choosing me! I remember playing on the NES, SNES and Sega Game Gear. I tried Sonic Spinball on Sonic Mega Collection I couldn’t past that second level. It was fun but really slippery.

    1. You’re very welcome! Omg The Game Gear was awesome but me and my brother only had a few games for it and something amazing happened… We traded the Game Gears for Rollerblades! rofl. Ask a kid in this day and age if they would trade their DS for skates, the kid would laugh in your face lol.

      Yes my brother had to beat a few of the Spinball levels for me (it’s crazy how much better he was growing up but now I take the crown!).
      Happy Saturday Matt!

      1. Haha that’s funny. Now today, kids wouldn’t go outside unless they have their phones. Even after all these years, I can’t seem to beat Sonic Spinball. Thank you and Happy Saturday!

  2. Such a great tag and selection of questions! πŸ™‚
    Yoshi is awesome, as is Mario Kart (I always pick Yoshi too!!). You picked one of my fave courses also (Wario Stadium!)
    I played in a Mario Kart 64 tournament at a party once and there was this one jackass convinced he would beat me when we went up against each other on Wario Stadium simply because I was a girl and “girls can’t play video games”. I smoked him. lol Felt soooo good! haha

    1. Rofl I’m glad you smoked him. The stigma of girls not being able to play video games is dying down but there’s still a few guys who think that we can’t compare. I don’t take anyone lightly, I play to win!!!! (insert Bowser laugh Bwahahahahah). I remember when my brother had a LAN party at our house when me and my friend beat all the guys in Dead of Alive 5. As long as I can use Kasumi I feel confident, anyone else I’ll surely lose lol. Thank you for your comment and Happy Saturday! πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks. πŸ™‚ Yeah, it is definitely a stigma that is nice to see slowly but surely dwindling away. I think this particular guy was just sexist because at a different occasion we were both at he and one of his idiot buddies were stunned that me and my bff (also a girl) play air hockey and were convinced we would do poorly compared to them.
        Again, they were blown out of the water. lol She and I don’t mess around when it comes to air hockey. πŸ˜›
        Hahaha, I love the Bowser laugh. That’s awesome that you and your friend beat everyone in Dead Alive 5.
        Happy Saturday to you too, hope your weekend has been awesome so far!

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