Funko Pop Friday: Television!

Happy Friday Friends! Today will be a short post with a few Television/Rides pops from my friend @Cookie IVIons7er. Feel free to follow him on twitter for streams on twitch! Have a fantastic Weekend!



As you can see he has the Tardis from Doctor Who (can you believe that I have never watched the Doctor Who series?) and the Deloreon Time Machine from Back to the Future! Both of these pops are pretty cool, I wouldn’t mind have the Deloreon with Marty Mcfly to add to my collection. This week GameStop s having a buy 3 pops get 1 free sale so I’m pretty much going to add on to my collection (fingers cross for Jon Snow and Ghost from Game of Thrones!).

What pop TV shows or Rides do you have? Are you looking to collect a specific pop or genre? Let’s talk pops and collectibles!

-Luna 🙂


  1. These are so cool! I have a friend who would lose her mind for that Dr. Who one. Ha, and no worries, I myself have only gotten to see a couple episodes of Dr. Who, so you aren’t alone! 😛
    Actually, the friend I just mentioned recently got me a Harley Quinn Pop Vinyl T-shirt for my birthday. I had no idea that that company even made shirts so it was quite the surprise! 🙂

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