Throwback Tuesday! Favorite Candy!

Happy Tuesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! This week’s installment of Throwback Tuesday will be themed for Valentine’s Day (Happy Valentine’s Day btw 🙂 ) so I have decided to feature some of my favorite old school candies and snacks of all time!

squeeze-pop Squeeze Pops! Do you remember these? They were gooped candy that came in a tube (probably super bad for you). I remember having these sometimes when my brother and I were allowed to have 1 candy from Blockbuster (movie and game rental company). They were always messy and I don’t now what I was thinking lol.

push-pop Push Pops- Push Pops were awesome and I love the little clips that you can use to clip them to your jeans! There were several different flavors and you could have it all day!

dunkaroos Dunkaroos- Dunkaroos were a snack that contained cookies and icing. The premise was simple, dunk your cookies and eat them lol. I actually still find Dunkaroos every blue moon at a 1 off store in the middle of nowhere lol.

ouch Ouch Bubblegum- The Ouch Bubblegum tins were awesome to keep your change in after you have chewed all pieces of the gum. I preferred Fruit Strips to Ouch but as a kid you are not going against any offer of candy lol. I remember seeing this candy in grocery stores and Toys R Us!

ice-cream Ice Cream Chews- These things bring back sooo many memories. We had a candy lady (and flip lady) behind our house growing up. My brother and I were able to go there with $1 each and stock up on candy (as the candies were 5 and 10 cents lol). The Ice Cream Chews were some of my favorites. They came in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. There were also fruit chews manufactured by the same company.

Thank you for joining me for this week’s Throwback Tuesday post! What are your favorite candies that are not around as much anymore? Do you remember any of the candies listed above? Let’s talk Candy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Luna 🙂


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  1. I remember all of these except for the ice cream chews! 🙂 I always loved the “Shark Bites” fruit snack pouches that had the great white sharks, hammerheads, tiger sharks, etc. in them. I also liked anything that had that sugar powder dust in it like the plastic fruit shaped containers full of it, or pixie sticks, or Fun Dip with the little white chalky candy stick you dip into it.

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