Weekly Update!

Happy Sunday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Until I upgrade my WP (Probably this week or next week) I am unable to accurately display the Upcoming Posts for the Week the way that I would like to (If you know of a way to do some let me know!). To remedy this problem I will simply make a post on Sunday to inform you of the posts that are on their way!

Side note: This is the way that I can make sure that I get the posts out by keeping me honest lol. It’s also a great way to be organized if you check your WP account daily :).

Monday 2/13/17

  • Weekly Hidden Treasures Post on the game Roblox!
  • Elimination Chamber Results!

Tuesday 2/14/17- Happy Valentines Day!

  • Weekly Throwback Tuesday Post (Favorite Candy!)

Thursday 2/15/17

  • Ultimate TKO Thursday: Billionaire Battle (Iron Man vs Batman).

Friday 2/16/17

  • Netflix Series of the Week- The Santa Clarita Diet
  • Funko Pop Friday – Television

There may be a Call of Duty post from the MLG Atlanta competitive competition going on this weekend but I don’t want to commit to it as I haven’t been able to watch 🙁 . Have a fantastic week!

-Luna 🙂


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