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Hiya Gamers, Bloggers and Friends!

This is my first attempt at the Daily Writing Prompt and since I do not have a post scheduled for today, I figured it would be a great time to keep those writing muscles sharp! The daily writing post game me a great idea to start a writing series of tips and tricks that I have used to create a more efficient blog.¬†pzo1128_500 Each post in this section will discuss my struggle and the solution similar to how a strategy guide for a game would cover different topics.If you are having some of the same troubles that I am, maybe my “Strategy Guide” segment can assist you and have you Level Up your blog!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am fairly new to blogging (not new to writing ) and sometimes I find it difficult to Resist the urge to write or more specifically, the urge to immediately post an article! In my daily life I love being social. I tend to ramble on and jump from topic to topic as I never want conversations to end. This has trickled down to my writing. I currently have 3 posts completed that I want to post immediately because I want people to read them and like them or even comment on whether they agree or disagree. I have had to find ways to resist the urge to write and immediately post topics. So how did I do it?

It’s actually¬†cqjqqxcwuaaytx4 a simple remedy. I have just started scheduling the posts for different days of the week. I’m not sure why this works for me but it tricks my brain into thinking that the post is completed and distributed or something. The urges I have to immediately post the article literally disappears and I am able to get on with my day without that anxious feeling. That’s it! Short Daily Post prompt today. I would love to know if anyone else has been having this issue and what you would or have done to fix it!


Thank you for reading my ramble and Game On!


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