2017 Royal Rumble Results & Recap!

Good morning friends! If you’re a fan of WWE then you know that the 30th anniversary Royal Rumble was last night January 29th, 2017 in the Alamodome in Texas. If you didn’t catch it on the WWE Network or if you missed anything, here’s the recap of the event!

Pre Show- There was a special start time for the Royal Rumble preshow at 5pm Eastern. The Preshow hosted a panel of Renee, Booker T, Jerry (King) Lawler and special guest Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. The panel went over their predictions and previews for the upcoming matches in the actual Rumble. There were also 3 matches that took place during the preshow.

  1. 6 Woman Smackdown Tag Match. wwe_royal_rumble_2017_women_tag The teams were Natayla, Mickie James and Alexa Bliss versus Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch and Naomi. This match was booked due to the constant attacks on Becky Lynch from Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. Also, Nikka Bella has a brooding rivalry with Natalya at the moment. The match was pretty good as there were a few more acrobatics with Naomi in the mix. The match ended with Alexa Bliss (Smackdown Women’s Champion) being pinned by Naomi.
  2. The next preshow match was for the Raw Tag Team titles between Cesaro & Sheamus versus the club in Luke Gallows & Karl Andersen. wwe_royal_rumble_2017_tag_champs If you have tuned in to Monday Night Raw recently then you know that there was a discrepancy in the last championship match that left Gallows and Andersen the winners, however, they won by DQ so Sheamus and Cesaro retained the Championship. This is the rematch that featured 2 referees. The match was very chippy and a attempts to end the match early by slippery tactics were sniffed out by the refs. In the end the bullet club finally obtained the Raw Tag Team Championship Belts by pinning the champs. I will say that Sheamus Brogue Kicked one of the referee’s before the match was over, so we will see if the club actually keeps the titles on Raw tonight!
  3. The 3rd match was a little of a disappointment as it was Sasha Banks versus Nia Jax. Sasha tried her best but we all know how this match was going to turn out. With Sasha on an “injured” knee and Nia Jax being larger in size and strength, even on a good knee this was quite a hill to climb. Nia Jax trucked Sasha a few good times and even after the Banks statement was locked in, was able to force her way out of it. No surprises here, Nia Jax won via pin fall.

The Event! If you missed NXT Takeover on Saturday night then you didn’t know that Seth Rollins interrupted the show and called out Triple H. This act of defiance was replayed throughout the event and ended with an explanation of Stephanie Mcmahon stating she will handle Rollins tonight on Monday Night Raw. She also banned the Superstar from the Alamodome and the Royal Rumble event. But would he show up anyway? Let’s take a look at the events.

  • The 1st match up was the WWE Universal Championship match of Kevin Owens (Universal Champ) versus Roman Reigns. This match had a twist as GM Mick Foley attempted to stop Owens’ best friend Chris Jericho from interfering with the matches. To remedy this, Jericho was suspended in a Shark Cage for the duration of the match above the ring. It was a great title match, with Jericho of course interfering still by dropping a pair of brass knuckles to KO. Roman Reigns put up a good fight but in the end KO and Jericho left with the Universal Championship.
  • The 2nd match was the Raw Women’s Championship with title holder Charlotte Flair versus Bayley. Charlotte is currently undefeated in Pay Per View events, a record in itself, and Bayley currently holds 3 wins to nil over Charlotte in 1 on  competition. The battle was good and as expected, Charlotte retains her winning streak and the Women’s Title.
  • The 3rd match was the Cruiserwight Championship between champion Rich Swann and WWE Veteran Neville (Who believes that he is King of the Cruiserweights). This rivalry has been building up on both Raw and 205 Live as both participants interfered in each others matches, an altercation original started by Neville. 20170109_royalrumble_swannneville-274ced054bbca3800f44d49940bf87bf-vresize-335-220-high-77 Neville’s return to the squared circle came with a heel turn so he is ruthless in his pursuit of what should have been rightfully his at the inauguration of the Cruiserweight Division. As always, the Cruiserweights put on an  excellent show with high flying maneuvers, lighting quick strikes and a burst of entertainment. WWE Universe welcome your new Cruiserweight Champion and King of the Cruiserweights, Neville!
  • The final match before the Rumble match was between WWE World Champion AJ Styles and the actual face that runs the place John Cena. This match was chippy as well with AJ Styles wanting to prove that Cena is a Part- timer and irrelevant and Cena chasing Ric Flair’s 16x Championship record. There were multiple times where we could call the match yet the opponent kicked out. Cena was hit with several Styles’ Clash moves, Styles was hit with just about every Cena move. The final blow was an AA from Cena to Styles, into another AA from Cena culminating in something that I predicted, Cena is you 16x WWE World Champion.
  • The Rumble! The actual Royal Rumble match was the height of anticipation. The 1st entrant was Big Cass facing off against Chris Jericho. Jericho wins the award for me in staying in the Rumble the longest as often times he was on the sidelines lying down on the ground. Some early entrants were Dean Ambrose, Braun Strowman and a surprise debut at slot 10 by none other than the Perfect 10, Tye Dillinger. The rumble ensued with middle entrants on the Wyatt Family with Randy Orton, Apollo Crews and leaving the big 3 for the last few slots. Brock Lesner entered 1st clearing most of the ring until Goldberg came out and dominated the beast again.  The 29th slot was drawn by the Undertaker who eliminated most of the ring and entrant 30 was none other than…. Roman Reigns? Yup, no Balor, No Samoa Joe, and no Rollins? Once the dust settled it was down to Orton and Reigns. Congratulations Randy Orton on winning the 2017 Royal Rumble! wwww-e1485749466345

Tonight Monday Night Raw should be interesting with the recap and more importantly (at least to me) the ramifications of Seth Rollins’ actions on NXT. All in all, even though I was very upset at the end of the rumble (because I wanted Balor or Joe and even fricking Rollins!) the event was as bad as it seems. A few differently placed entrants would’ve made all the difference. That wraps up this review and recap! Did you watch the Rumble? What were your favorite parts? Were you surprised by any of the outcomes or entrants? Let’s talk WWE!

As the dust settles, we pick up the pieces and head towards the Elimination Chamber (Smack Down Exclusive). Welcome to the Road to Wrestlemania!



  1. I actually enjoyed the Royal Rumble PPV, definitely wasn’t the best but I watched the whole PPV and enjoyed it. But I do agree with you, no Rollins, no Joe and no Balor sucked and Reigns being the 30th entrant you could hear the crowd groan when his music hit!

    I thought KO and Reigns put on a good match though, Owen’s fall through the chairs was sick and Cena v Styles was a top quality match.

    It’s just a shame WWE tend to go down the predictable route most of the time. Guess it’ll be Reigns v Strowman at Fastlane followed by Reigns v UT at WM. Be interesting what happens with Orton and the Wyatt Family, can’t say I’d be happy if WWE do go with Cena v Orton at WM, it’s a match we’ve all seen countless times before and they aren’t always great matchs and seem to lack the chemistry they have with others.

    1. Yea, I was fuming last night so I waited until this morning when I had a cooler head to write the recap lol. It wasn’t that bad, just a few things that could’ve taken a different turn. Well Raw tonight should be interesting lol.

      1. Interesting, well, I guess with Steph addressing Seth that’s the first hour of the show gone! 😂

        I think the Rumble would have been better if they’d shown us the big guys getting golf carted to the ring, even Goldberg!😂

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