My Top 5 WWE Pay Per View Events!

Hiya friends and wrestling fanatics! This post is spontaneous as I did not intend to write it, but do to my love of WWE and the Royal Rumble Pay Per View event I’ve made an executive decision to make a discussion post (Thanks to Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek‘s inspiring post!). This discussion post will go over my top 5 WWE events and why I personally think they’re the best, then I will open up the discussion for community comments and opinions. Let’s get to it starting from my bottom, yet still favorite event!

5) Extreme Rules! – Extreme rules makes my top 5 because it’s an awesome pay per view that pretty much incorporates “Hardcore” rule sets (oh how I miss there being a Hardcore Title πŸ™ ).hqdefault Typically Superstars will challenge each other to crazy matches featuring chairs, pins count anywhere and crazier terms such as last year’s Asylum match featuring the Lunatic Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho. Only Dean Ambrose could think of having a match with different asylum props and thumbtacks!Β 184_rules_05222016mm_1342-e74bb779b84bfb36e30b4b56891db72a Yes, we know the WWE is “Scripted” but those thumbtacks look like they’d hurt lol. Extreme rules can bring a different dynamic to watching a WWE match and I love the surprises that are included. You know what happens when I’m entertained, do you? Extreme Rules…. YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

4) The Pay Per View event that I would personally rank 4th is going to surprise a lot of people, but I have my reasons. I would put Wrestlemania here. I know, I know, Wrestlemania is the marquee event and should be higher up but from the past few years, while I have enjoyed Wrestlemania, it just hasn’t (in my opinion) lived up to the hype. With that said, I’m not an idiot and Wrestlemani is awesome and still makes the list. I’m admitting straight away that I am bias so my favorite Wrestlemania moment may be a jab to the throat for some lol.Β 5pvqdx My favorite Wrestlemania moment was hearing the music of the Architect, Seth Rollins and seeing him run towards the ring with his Money In The Bank briefcase (Usain Bolt couldn’t catch him that day!). I was a fan of Rollins before it was the accepted thing to be and everything he did (with or without help) was entertaining. Wrestlemania has provided some of my favorite moments like watching Ronda Rousey intimidate Stephanie Mcmahon or Stone Cold dancing with the New Dayaustinxavier-0-0 . You know, before the Stunner lol.

3) My number 3 position will be given to the Royal Rumble. This event has been around for years and is an awesome way to see all of your favorite Superstars go at it in anΒ  all out brawl. The Royal Rumble always features other matches (This year being 3 Championship matches) yet the main event, the Rumble itself is what we fans look forward to. Last year I was fortunate enough to attend the Royal Rumble in Orlando and it was fantastic! Being in the live atmosphere, counting down the seconds until to the next Superstar is revealed, ajhearing the eerie silence as we wait for the music to start playing and then erupting out of our seats once we knew who was entering was the best part of seeing the event live. We went crazy for AJ Styles last year! The great thing about the Rumble is that you may know who is entered into the match, but you can never predict in which order Superstars are going to emerge. The anticipation and over the top eliminations makes the Royal Rumble Sheer “Phenomenal!”

2) Number 2 of the list is going to be another shocker for readers and WWE fans as I am going to rank Summer Slam above Wrestlemania. Honestly, Summer Slam has been one of my favorite WWE Events the last 3 years.

In 2016 an incredible match between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins took place and before that Rollins versus Cena in my opinion was a better match then Lesner versus the Undertaker. Yes, I know that my favorite moments seem to feature Seth Rollins, but let’s be honest… He’s 100% one of my favorites, if not my favorite current Superstar. Summer slam has been the Wrestlemania for me so I had to rank it pretty high up on the list. So which Pay Per View could this crazy chick have possible selected for her favorite event? thinking-emoticon1) Are you surprised to see Survivor Series at the top of the heap? Well don’t be, I enjoy the traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series matches and I have always enjoyed them. There’s not much for me to say about Survivor Series, I just enjoy the elimination style of wrestling. (Insert Seth Rollins Comment Here… You knew it was coming lol) I remember before Rollins went out with his injury, he and Reigns put together a team for the 5 on 5 match. It was amazing seeing Reigns come down to the ring, followed by the Usos, Ryback (I miss Ryback πŸ™ ) and Dean Ambrose. I have to admit, it was the one time I believe that I have rooted against Seth Rollins lol.Β rawvsmackdown This past Survivor Series with the brand split was amazing as well (but let’s be honest, on paper I think that RAW 100% win that match) lol. Even the RAW before Survivor Series when the Smackdown Live Superstars came through the crowd was awesome! I still die of laughter when Jericho was going down the list and spots James Ellsworth on the side lines “What the heck is that?” Of course I have also enjoyed watching the “Beast” Brock Lesner get “Victimized, Defeated and Conquered” by Goldberg!

Well that wraps up my top 5 WWE Pay Per Views list. What are your Favorites? Do you agree with my list? What are your favorite moments from some of these Pay Per Views? Let’s Talk WWE!

“And that’s why I’m the Champ!”



  1. Thanks for the mention and it has to be parodied even if it’s corny but…………………… just made a list!!! Yeah, I know it was cringeworthy! πŸ™‚

    Cool list, totally agree with all your pics though probably not in the same order and I do agree that Seth vs Cena was better than UT vs Lesnar at SS.

    For me, I’d have to include Elimination Chamber on the list, quite often the actual PPV was poor though The Shield vs The Wyatt Family from a few years ago sticks in my mind as an awesome match and Owen’s vs Cena to, But I have always enjoyed the actual Chamber matches, some great moments and classic matches have taken place inside the chamber.

    1. You’re very welcome, I cam up with the idea while reading your post this morning lol. It’s corny but I say it all the time, even wrote it in my Christmas Cards lol.
      Elimination chamber had awesome matches, if I remember correctly didn’t El Torito hang from the top of the chamber one year? That may have been the year that the New Day were all in the chamber as well. It’s a great concept, I just think if they have the pay per view this year it should feature maybe a cross mix between smackdown and raw Superstars. I hope that the shield vs bullet club vs wyatt family angle plays out somehow. That would be awesome lol.

      1. Yes, I am sure El Torito hung from the chamber at one stage.

        I agree about the chamber featuring a mix of Raw and SD stars this year though it’s unlikely with the SD announcement , I guess it depend who wins out of Cena and AJ tonight.

        That wouldbe awesome, Bullet Club vs Shield vs Wyatts, epic! πŸ™‚

  2. The Ambrose Asylum match was such a nice call back to the old gimmicky stuff of the 80’s and 90’s. Plus, Jericho landing on a bunch of tacks might have been one of the craziest moments of the year. Nice list!

    1. I totally agree and thanks! I am excited for the Elimination Chamber match this weekend and I have my preview post set to post tomorrow. The matches are actually looking pretty good with it being a Smackdown Live only Pay Per View.

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